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Stone Crafting Table by TheRealp455w0rd

Adds a limited-use variant of the vanilla crafting table


EvoCraft 1710 by ModDevJ





Binnie Fix by SamRaven2

A Quick Hack to fix crashes caused by Binnie's Mods in The Fox Den Modpack

RF Windmill by Piepenguin

Generate RF from the wind

WildNature mod by matek200412

Improve Minecraft Nature! This mod adds 65 new biomes, 17 new trees, new plants, blocks, animals and many more!

TorchMaster by xalcon

Adds a special torch which prevents mobs from spawning in a configurable range

Odioita Mod! by TOMOKO_JSV, MCreator


Guarulho é faixa de gasa


Brina Solida :D

Advanced Thaumaturgy

Addon for Thaumcraft 4


Fuzzy Core by [com]buster

Core functionality for FuzzyCraft mods


Add Bee Mod

RTFM by Sangar, Vexatos

A markdown-based manual.


become a pikachu

Better Lupines Mod by Slvr, Fishcat

This is a modification that introduces more types of wolves into your Minecraft world. Gotta tame them all!

Infinity Item Editor by Ruukas

Bringing back features of All-U-Want item editor and more in a simple interface!

Ced's Quest Tracker by CedKilleur

Add a tracker for Better Questing's quests !

Felling by arlyon

Uncovers an ancient enchantment allows you to fell trees with a single swing.

RoMiMoCo-Ores by the_rooster

Add JSON Defined ores, and associated items

Cooked Flesh Mod by WesleySnipes

A simple little mod to put all that rotten flesh to use.

TwitchSpawn by iGoodie

Donators donate, streamers get rewards ingame.

Snow Deeper by つてと (Tsuteto)

雪が積もるようなって、降雪バイオームが雪国らしくなります。 Make snow get deeper and make snowy biomes even snowier.

Recsyscletem by iTNTPiston

A mod by iTNTPiston


Enter short description here

Cacophony Janitor

The guy who has to do the dirty work so that everyone else can live and work in a clean and productive environment.

R.O.A.R. The Root of All Automation. Really. by 6NGB

Adds the minimum set of machines to automate all that is vanilla Minecraft.