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Remake of First Mod by Christopher_1993, Harry's Tech Reviews, MrCrayfish, Champion Ash5357


Custom Capacitors by ProspectPyxis

Fully customizable capacitors!

Extrabiomes Autumn Woods by allaryin

Autumn Woods biome and everything that comes with it.

Qoins by quenti77

Money of hypixel

Bork IRC by MattDaJoo, MageProto, MintyGoddess, MrXeon20

An IRC mod that does just that, and nothing more.

TwitchTV IRC Mod Reborn by xIGBClutchIx

TwitchTV IRC Mod allows you to connect to any channel and chat ingame! Using PircBot Library

Venomous Fangs by Cleverpanda

Cave spiders drop venomous fangs which can be crafted into poison arrows


This is an example mod

MagicalWings by AndreykaMrPvP, AlexTM

Magical Wings

Stackie by Lunatrius

Stack entities into groups to decrease lag.


CT Watercan by codetaylor

Simple watercan mod.

OP Diamonds by BHGoalie

Make crafting recipes for easy diamonds!

Zombies Mod by Reflxction

A Hypixel mod specifically designed for Zombies.

Eco Theory

Eco theory mod.

GregTech Weapon Works by SuperCoder79

Mod that adds weapons into GregTech.


This mod lights up your world

Slender by iChun

Adds the Slender gameplay into Minecraft

Frankenstein Mod by Gigan2005 - Head Developer, Tihyo - Co-Developer

Are you bored of vanilla Minecraft? Do you enjoy the classic movie monsters? Well have no fear Frankenstein is here! This mod adds in the classic movie monster we all know and some love. FRANKENSTEIN!

NoMoreForestfire by defeatedcrow

Mite2Shulker by Lemons

Lets enermites bury into purpur blocks

Forge Microblocks

Microblocks for Forge MultipartCBE.

Mod Dream Craft by DreamMasterXXL

Core mod for the DCraft pack.

Translocation Mod by ExampleDude

Adds blocks that act like pistons did before 1.11

Suspended Server by Blargerist, superckl

Suspends the server while no players are online.


MOD personale

Clogin Client MOD by Herobrine, Xlch, Baleine_2000

Clogin Client MOD, Modified from BeeLogin, But beelogin author is a ⑨.

Fuzzy Players by [com]buster

Match your outfit to the situation

Off! The Mod by bafomdad

Spray off!


Ender Ender And a little more Ender

MCLink by Dries007

Automatic subscriber whitelist management