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Concrete Extends by Acness

Adding concrete stairs, slabs, fences, fence gates and pillars.

Applied Fluidics by Thiakil

Fluid handling for AE2

EnergySynergy by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Transparent conversion of energy

SCP Labels Mod by GratefulName, MCreator

SCP Labels Mod is a Mod that adds more than 30 labels to minecraft


Is The V2 of The Legends Mod Official

Survival Industry: Low Grade Steel by jeffpeng

Adds low grade steel to the game. This steel can be made in the RotaryCraft furnace and is compatible to most mod steel, but cannot be used as HSLA Steel.

Simple Condensers by Lomeli12, GustoniaEagle

Adds simple condensers to EE3.


Cool Mod!

IndustrialTech by gigabit101, Mj11jM

Screenshot Browser by Zeitheron

View and manage screenshots within the game.


Star Wars in minecraft!

Plena Inanis by Dagarath

Full on Empty

Multi Mine

Partially Mined Blocks stay broken and regenerate slowly! Mine parallel or in tandem! Fully networked!

Tournaments by Hiroku

Advanced platform for Pixelmon tournaments

Slime Crusher by ChaosChaot



Weapons from every age!

Additional Ores by Angus Young

Adds a lot of additional ores, including marble, new blocks and a new set of tools.

Exploding Mobs by CodeShaper

A perfect addon for any hack-n-slash map or surivial map, mobs just blow up! BOOM!

Future Weapons by koala, MCreator

WordBlocks by NurseAngel


Example placeholder mod.

DamageMark by Giccqer, Applecat1208GXR

When you hit someone,this mod will tell your damage.

Cool Gadgets by PanSzelescik

This mod adds a few gadgets


This plugin is designed to prevent all forms of grief.


This is an example mod

Muya Mod by pearwb1235


Favorites Tab by Shadowfacts

Adds a creative tab populated by user-favorited items.

Minecraft RPG by SilverPhx

RPG in Minecraft

Modern Creator by noung

Nice cosmetic mod.


Mod dodajacy ciasteczka

Ambience by Vazkii

Your soundtracks music in minecraft


Provides the Kotlin runtime for other plugins.