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This is an example mod


for ITerr

mod_DirtCraftsDiamondsMod by StanLeonard, MCreator

Why go down those caves just to not find diamonds? And when you do find it, You have to smelt it, and first you have to risk your life near lava and climb up and things. Well turn that useless brown dirt into usefull diamond gems!


This is an example mod

XMeowMod by XMeow

XMeowMod make your life better! Enjoy :D


used for move coord position of the map.

Starvation Ahoy by mincrmatt12, dmf444

Starvation Ahoy by mincrmatt12 and dmf444. This mod will make people hungrier, faster. We are not responsible for immediate death by hunger.

Biosphere Expansion by RollingThunder_, MCreator

Playing Around by

My first mod so it's going to be a bunch of random basic stuff.

Mirage by Elucent, unascribed, Falkreon

Effects and lighting library.

Chunk Analyzer Mod by otter-in-a-suit

A mod to analyze your chunks for couple of ressources.

Castle Defender by SmeagolWorms4, Redori, Vox Populi, Azurn

The Castle Defender


Second Auth plugin for Sponge minecraft servers


Adds various types of automatic bows!

Blasting Elsewhere by StyleGame, MCreator



Pneumaticraft adds a bunch of new Blocks, Items and other Stuff!

Gravity by ASCii

Gravity is just really a suggestion...

JJ Core by JdiJack

MineC EndlessOcean Mod by DiegoSteve, liam, Carl

A HongKoners create the mod using Minecraft Forge

Unity by RandomByte

FPS Spoofer Mod by dewgs

Spoofs the FPS display in-game

Call Craft by CUB3D

Adds random things.

Dig by Macrophage

Dig through blocks for resources.

LambdaCraft by The LambdaCraft Innovation Team, And all your players

A Half-Life themed Minecraft mod. Experience lots of Half-Life elements, such as gauss, egon, HEV & snark, even the XEN dimension !

Goldfish by MoonFather

You managed to catch the elusive goldfish - now what? Will you toss it back into water in hope of a boon, or is your heart made of packed ice?

Defacto's Mod by Defacto34

A not finished Mod



fapdos slime rancher by fapdos, MCreator

slime rancher en minecraft

WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition 2 by Hexosse

WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition 2 is a forge client-side user interface for WorldEdit