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EqualDragons by TechnicianLP

All Dragons are created equal ...

Guntopia Legend of the Guns by Imel

RPG Shooter with guns and armor that support additional effects. With over 30 effects and 9 individual styles guns and armor can be customized thousands of ways. Realistic sounds, actions, and environment effecting bullets, makes the weapons in this mod unique and exciting to play.

Useful Eggs by Jbonnick

Add more functions for eggs including Omelettes, Fish Omelettes and Meat Omelettes.

ChatOptions by ATE47


Harcore Survival Mod by UpcraftLP

Small mod making Minecrafts earlygame more realistic and difficult.


Mod adds Wild Boar and other items.

Novacula Acuta by KitsuneAlex

Small mod containing little tools and decorative stuff

TerraFirmaCraftNEIplugin by Dries007

TerraFirmaCraft + NEI = <3

Resource Pack Organizer by chylex

Enhances the Resource Pack menu by adding folder support for easier pack organization, ability to search packs by name or description, new sorting options, and quick refresh button directly in the GUI. The mod uses a folder icon by FatCow under the CC BY 3.0 US license:

OpenEnder by boq, Mikee

OpenEnder introduces small personal dimensions and encrypted dimensions into Minecraft

BCMod - GUI patch by Brad16840

Patches the vanilla GUI system to allow backpacks to be opened from incompatible GUIs

BetterToolsMod by AlexanderL123, TheZylop

Better and Stronger Tools!

Mo' Shovels by Soletare, Community

You won't run out of good shovels anymore. Some also have special abilities

Clear Entitys by uno

Auto clear entitys Tools (SSP/SMP)

Bearsh Unleashed by That Phunkeh Monkeh, Peace Panda

Just because you can't see the Baresh, dosen't mean the Baresh aren't there - Quote from: He who sleeps with Baresh

Music Layer by APengu

A mod that adds an easy layer of music that can be manipulated/chosen by multiple mods.

Moolands by 115kino

A mod created by Kingbdogz (Founder of Gilded Games) and

Valkyrien Warfare Control by thebest108

Adds a set of Items and Blocks allowing for more advanced Airship construction

Integrated Circuits by Vic Nightfall

Some description here, currently missing.


This mod includes 4 Pit Spikes, Wood Pit Spike, CobbleStone Pit Spike, Iron Pit Spike, Diamond Pit Spike.

Audio Manager by TamasHenning

Allows you to select what default audio device to use.


A mod with lots of more new blocks


Adds purplerite. Just think of the possibillities!

Mystcraft BoP Disabler by TheFloydman

Automatically disables BoP Biomes in Mystcraft Dimensions.

Augury: Technical Magic by Brandomine, Techgeek1019

magic and tech finally made love :P

Can I Join Now? by CallMeFoxie

"Can I Join Now?" is question asked by many players. What time is it on the remote server?

Craft Saddle

Craft something like saddle.

Aurora GSI by Wibble199

Game State Integration server designed for Aurora (but could be used by other applications).

Useful Potion Arrows by theishiopian

This mod removes the damage of potion arrows, making them more useful. Only applies to potion arrows fired by players or dispensers.


This Mod Will make crafting recipies that should be added into the game. Will Update


Enter short description here

Collective Framework by austinv11

A common library between all of austinv11's mods