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Long Fall Boots by NanoHeart

Long Fall Boots. What else could be said


Create for suvival mode


Easily place a torch from your inventory

Localized Chat by kreezxil

A local chat mod that includes shouting.

Mob Spawn Tweaks by digitalseraphim

Whitelist/Blacklist mob spawning based on dimension.

Mob Tools by pauljoda

Create magical tools from mobs


This is an example mod

§6Ore Core by §7XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This is the Ore Core mod

Alternate World by Wurmatron

Adds an Extra TFC Dimension that can be used for an Mining World

Economy Plus by Suatae

Coins for your world

Space Core by mattparks

Adds all of the missing planets from galacticraft 2.

Offhand Torcher by kegare

Player can place torch automatically while held torch on offhand.

Custom Trees by Phobophobe

Adds a sapling which lets you infinitely customize your trees

Futurepack Forestry Addon by TheRealM18

Adds Futurepack bees to forestry


Armour WTF


From Flan's mod!

Rotten Recipes by Konitor

This is a recycling mod: Armor to ingots. Armor and rotten flesh to leather.

Landmines by Lorenzo Busellato


MidiOut by icret


Replace target block to another block


Add a recipe

PlayerTrans by Jannis234

Adds blocks that can teleport players

Lockyz Experience Mod by Lockyz, MCreator

This mod adds new things related to Experience

PixelmonIC2 by Gunkame

Enables the use of IndustrialCraft 2 machines for Pixelmon ores and items.

Snow Accumulation by Crazy Crafter

Makes snowfall accumulate


Wave! Dance! Facepalm! Emotes Mod! Try /emote list for a list of emotes.

mod_Timber by TehKrush

Quickly cut down forests in one strike with the Timber! mod. Sneak to temporarily disable the Timber! mod when you want to collect tree blocks individually.


Mod create for my friend

mod_Imperial164 by , MCreator

WarpShrines by Dries007, Doubledoordev

A vanilla compatible warp mod