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Angel of Vengeance by Tamaized

A Magic Based Minecraft Mod about being a Healer

Teleportation Mod by gegy1000

The Teleportation mod is a mod made by gegy1000 that allows to you teleport in many new different ways


Skyrim in Minecraft. A re-creation of the game Skyrim, in Minecraft.


This modification changes food system in Minecraft, and also adds many other things!

My Creative Tools by Remain_Indoors

A Random Mod for safer Creative mode building.

Ender Sword by kousuke, MCreator

Enter short description here

Gany's Surface by ganymedes01

This is one of the three mods in the Gany's Mods collection. Gany's Surface adds blocks and functionalities related to the over world (duh). Poop everywhere! Detect when is raining, make armour out of wood, and have a nice cup of tea in the morning before going mining, just don't put the milk in first!


AwesomeItems 1.6

Spatial Systems by Bread10, ADeathlyTouch, Tacomundu12, xX_Penis_Xx

Everyday things are for everyday people. This mod offers the extraordinary for extraordinary people like you!


This is an example mod

Useful Additions by Heller a.k.a PikaMoo

A simple mod that makes certain processes more convenient and allows compact storage of items


The Ultimate Harry Potter Mod

CocoaCraft by Reaper

Adds cocoa trees and coffee plants. Cocoa trees drop cocoa and cocoa saplings so you can grow your own trees. You can also craft mugs for milk, cocoa and coffee

Tinker I/O by GKB

Smeltery Upgrade!


More Resorses in Skyblock maps

BreedingViewer by cruXcon

Shows a colored pillar or the breeding item if the mob is ready for breeding. Default Key: F6


This is an example mod

Advanced Unknowns by Fibonacci

Advanced Unknowns??


A mod by 33kingkiller & hayhay01em03. This mod adds several different pairs of glasses into the game that each have different effects on the player entity. Hope you enjoy!


Create your models in Minecraft!

Industia by SixD, EndFrost, Tvhgaming

A minecraft mod.

Floating Island by tuyapin

Add the new world type "Floating Island" to your Minecraft."Floating Island" is generated floating island on Overworld.



Attack Chickens Mod by creepersgalore

Adds attack chickens.

Treasure Chest by Rhino

Hungry Fish by joshiejack

Makes food in Mariculture more hardcore.


This is an example mod


NJMO's first offcial mod!

myBiomes by krimin_killr21

Guns 'N' Stuff Mod by TRIGGA_sCoPeZ

This mod adds in a lot of things including guns!.