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HukidashiChat by anaso

Hukidashi Chat !

Item Delocalizer by BRE

Make item names unlocalized in any locale.

CrackedZombie Mod by crackedEgg

Cracked Zombie mod adds zombies in the day time!

ChickenShed 1.11+ by Vazkii, ZeroLevels, HoldYourWaffle, holmraven

Chickens shed their feathers occasionally.

Subway Resturant by OMGitsMiniMe

This is the Subway Resturant Mod by OMGitsMiniMe.

Memory Bar by Henry Loenwind

Adds the splash screen memory bar to the F3 screen, and with a hotkey to the ingame HUD

Player Stats by MrDimkas_Studio, xMrVizzy


Core for all Wasliebob's mods.

Ender Advancement by wundrweapon

The power of the Enderman has increased ten fold! Just what will you do with it?

SweetAliveMod by SweetHeart

Cooking and Survival.

Thermal Foundation

The foundation of a Thermally enhanced world!

SecurityCraft by Geforce

Adds a load of new content to secure your house with.



This is an example mod

Universal Currency by mariofish

Adds a physical form of currency into Minecraft!


This is an example mod

RankCapes by Jadar

This mod lets you see and change your cape on RankCapes equipped servers!

Engineer's Toolbox

Engineer's Toolbox is a tech mod with a focus on customization. It's based around blocks called sockets which can have modules installed on their sides to serve various functions. Different modules can do everything from simple redstone logic, to generating energy

opensource tech


This is an example mod

Little Insignificant Things by M4thG33k

Little things can go a long way...

Testerino by MrComputerGhost

A mod made for testing out new ideas.


this is super noob

AnimePets by D4ark001, MCreator

This mod adds anime pets in your minecraft

Incense by Geko_X

Mob spawning with incense sticks!

Elixir Mod by ayberk, MCreator


VillagerShops by DosMike

Set up Mobs of any type as admin shop. Shops will use a Inventory-Menu to buy/sell items

Silent's Gems - TiC

Tinkers Construct support for Silent's Gems

Endless City by Julian Hyde

Creates a vast empty city, to be explored and destroyed. Explore and city and try to return life to this ravaged land


Tile Accelerators - Overpowering Automation

YFWBans by Kayaba

Mess with the best, DIE LIKE THE REST!

The Lion King Mod by Mevans

The Lion King Mod adds another realm to explore: the Pride Lands, complete with new blocks and items, animals, ores, biomes and much more, based around the Lion King. Meet characters, trade for unique rewards, undertake quests and defeat enemies in an adventure like no other!

MoreMeat 2 by Fearitude

This mod adds a huge variety of new meat items that drop from existing animals. It also adds the very useful Meat Machine, a capturing and slaughtering device, as well as all items previously in the BetterWheat mod.

Bad Wither No Cookie! by droidicus

A simple mod to silence the Wither and Dragon broadcast sounds


CCLights add amazing RGB Lights and Light Grids to ComputerCraft.

Teuton Materials by Xour21

This mod adds materials for the Millenaire culture, Teutons.