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SweetHomeMod by defeatedcrow

Home Sweet Home.


Tired of being alone ?

Lucky Beans by Jacky1356400

Bean Boozled in Minecraft!


This is an example mod

mod_xmods by x, MCreator


Traffic Control by CSX8600, KillerMapper

Control traffic in Minecraft using signs, railroad crossings, and more!

More Mystcraft by TheFloydman

Misc changes and additions to Mystcraft.

NaziArmor by loukl

a loukl mod


Kaenans Mod

MrBreach's Furnishings by MrBreach

Adds Furniture Into Minecraft!

MyMNetherOreAdd by Knoxz

Adding own Ores to WorldGeneration

Bearded Potato by MistrX

The bearded potato mod!

Fantasy of Minecraft by KurodaAkira, Albic, Hiroscho

This is the first Forge-Compatible Version of Fantasy of Minecraft!

ARKCraft by Hero887, BubbleTrouble14, Lewis_McReu, ERBF, tom5454, JurassicAlien, Vastatio, MrTrollNugNug(Caz)

ARKCraft: Survival Evolved - Dinos, Taming, Breeding, and More!

Compressed Base by MiningMark48

It's a compressed base!


A use for Rotten Flesh!


Adding the Tinkers Construct Materials to Armory!

Resonant Induction Mechanical by Calclavia, DarkCow, tgame14

Resonant Induction is a Minecraft mod (developed during ModJam 2013 competition) focusing on the manipulation of electricity and wireless technology.

tech opensource

Music Fix

Fixes the music overlap in 1.7.2, specifically with background music and records.


Simple Autocrafting table that instantly crafts and allows for pipe/hopper interactions.

Loot Transmutation by KewaiiGamer

Transmute mob drops into other materials

Illustrious Lanterns by bettercraftbr, rahkun

Illustrious Lamps adds 18 high res country themed lamps to your Minecraft

Blaze Drops by Ninjabrain1

Causes Blazes to drop loot even if they are not killed by a player.

Village Box by ckhbox & wilusy

Will add later

Moar Boats by jglrxavpok

Adds more uses to boats!

On-Hit Particles by Aycy

Particles when attacking entities.

Dynamic Trees for Traverse by Odorousrex

Replaces the trees added by Traverse with dynamic versions.

Plumed Belt by terrapin47, Locien

Adds a belt bauble that negates all fall damage.