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Mining Ore Dimension by imaharupaz, MCreator

World and Chaos!!


This is an example mod


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Simply Backup by Sima214

A simple mod for backing up world data

CrystalWing by DaftPVF, bspkrs

Crafted using 3 gold ingots, 2 feathers, and an ender pearl, this magical wing will transport you home!

smp transport magic opensource

Nether Overload by MCJediYoda

Making the Nether dimension more interesting.

Remember Me

A mod based on the Remember Me game.

Chronos by mmelvin0

Change the length of a Minecraft day.

Targeting API by Kovak

Mod for exposing a common targeting api.


Rust Legacy in


Build By NovyYT by EnderNator10

The Origin by XBagon

Adds The Origin

Unlimited Chisel Works - Quark Extra by Wollis

This addon adds the limestone blocks from Quark in Unlimited Chisel Works.

S.T.E.M by bright_spark

Super Transformable Energised Matter. A Minecraft mod that uses RF to create this matter, which can then be turned into almost anything. Inspired by IC2 UU Matter.

Igneous by playing_w_blocks

Intended to enchance the skyblock experience by giving access to blocks other than stone - as products of new lava blocks!

GustoCraft by rainbowknight12, momnop, azxc4, RX14, RSQ

An awesome mod which attempts to blend magic and tech into a awesome experience! Thaumic Gustonia also provides a way to use GustoCraft with Thaumcraft 4.

Always Drop Loot by Sargun Vohra

Make mobs always drop exp and loot, regardless of cause of death.

Steely Glint by akkamaddi, Sinhika

iron and steel alloys


This mod add to game ore x2 = double ore.

Sandstone Pack

Adds Tools And Armor For Sandstone

Bottled Animals by Ermans

Manage your animals like items in a noiseless way!

Just Random Stuff by SuperMartijn642

Random usefull items



hPermissions by HoBoS_TaCo

hPermissions is a server-side permissions mod for a Forge-modded Minecraft server.

ViaVersion by _MylesC, Matsv

Allow newer clients to join older server versions.


kick Draugr in their skele-balls!

Icecream Sandwich Creeper Mod

The Icecream Sandwich Creeper Mod by xFyreStorm and Sinner_King.

NotInMinecraft Mod by 01110111010 (Ben)

Mod adding unimplemented and removed features... that mojang STOLE from you! Need Help? Go to the post!


What pig think about your world? MUD !!! So make your pig happy with downloading this mod :D

TNT by SimJoo

More TNT in Minecraft! Who doesn't want that?

Omni Wrench by MrBretze

This OmniWrench !