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Sirius MC

New blocks, materials, and fuel for your industry.

Another Dusts by SetyCz

Early game ore doubling.

WanionLib by WanionCane

Shared Code Library Used by (not)all WanionCane mods!

Medalizer by MrAmericanMike

Medalizer Mod.

Transmute Liquids

Adds some liquid transmution to Thaumcraft 4

Conglomerate by SnappyDragon (Pengu61151), Judacraz

This KAGIC add-on adds in a variety of new gems.

CommandUtils by RandomByte

Scaffolding by Ferne

Built against Forge

TnTTag Timer by Explode

A timer to display the time left before explosion.

Quick Hotbar by Kulttuuri

While in game hold ctrl and and use mousewheel to browse through your inventory rows.

CommandKey by Maximilian Schelbach

Press one key to execute a long command

Edifice by Robert Herhold

Create and share structures with the community

Mob Properties by FatherToast

Allows advanced customization options for all mobs' drops, attributes, and NBT data.

LagFix by Andre L Noel

An op tool to remove all Items or Mobs or Entities or TileEntities or Blocks within a distance of the op.

MineC EndlessOcean Mod by DiegoSteve, liam, Carl

A HongKoners create the mod using Minecraft Forge

Exp Seedling Mod by Zacomat

Literally farm your experience!

Punishing Death by Lemons

Delete's your items on death!

Mystical World by Elucent

Adds a couple nice mobs to your world!


Decorative Technology


This is an example mod


This mod adds gems that give you tp for the DBC mod

Medieval Weapons Mod by Hawkk97

Medieval Weapons

Throwable Bricks Mod by StrangeOne101

Finally, after a long long time, bricks are now throwable in minecraft! Bricks can do damage to mobs, can break crops and can shatter glass, and so much more! Grab a brick and throw it at those damn creepers!

Z weapoins by ZeroJak, MCreator

Enter short description here

EasyStart by valadur

Valadur's mod for an easy start in minecraft!

Cloud Storage by immibis

Totally not overpowered.

World Init by SHsuperCM

This mod allows you to select a world/ip that will be loaded instantly upon game launch!

mod_MythicalCraftV3 by JakeGaming, MCreator