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Toxic Sword by Toxic

my first terrible mod with one weapon, the toxic sword!

Zyczu Unown Balls by zyczu

PokeBalle do kasyna

Leveled difficulty by Naturaspell

Add a new leveling system to minecraft.


Adds Jungle Fence To 1.7

Silky Hoe by StarSheep

A small mod that allows to plough up dirt through crops.

Last Server Joiner by BONNe1704

Mod that allows to join last server from main menu.

TogetherForever by Buuz135

A Team API that allows you to sync a bunch of stuff between players

Responsive Beacons by pau101

Improves the poor responsiveness beacons have to block changes

Yami's BB MOD by Yami_0625

Add the (Yami's BlockBreaker) Blocks!

Fluxed-Core by Jaredlll08

Mod that holds methods that are used in all GetFluxed mods.

EnderNet by asie

opensource addon tech

GrassPathWeeding by eyeq



For Friends


What Is That?


This A Skyfactory Mod

Decoratable Christmas Trees Mod by Zenith08, CyberGamerX

Decoratable Christmas Trees for the holidays!

MobCages by Quintinity

Adds craftable cages so you can trap and carry mobs around.

Cool Gadgets by PanSzelescik

This mod adds a few gadgets

Vanilla Plus by Cricket, PZ77

We take the things from minecraft that don't get the love they deserve and make them a great aspect to your experience

random opensource


Benvenuti nella mia prima mod PietraLavicaMod, visto che questa è la mia prima mod ci saranno diversi errori e spero di risolverli il prima possibile. Questa mod contiene: -Pietra Lavica -Pietrisco Lavico -Mattoni di Pietra Lavica -Spada in Pietra Lavica -Piccone in Pietra Lavica -Ascia in Pietra Lavica -Cuocendo la Pietra Lavica si otterrà il carbone La pietra lavica si trova ai livelli della lava e c'è una piccola possibilità di trovarla nel nether

Some Useful Tools Mod

Adds some useful tools that could be overpowered. And a grenade. Because why not.


Without the special abilities

Housing Kick by Sk1er

You become god.

Block Blocker by Kreezxil

A prevention system for block breaking and placement

Pneumatic Cooking by J3FF97

Adds cooking with Pneumatics, addon to PneumaticCraft

Advanced Kinetics 2 by hexaguin

A variety of tools and constructs to influence and control motion.

SimpleChat by TrenTech

Chat management plugin

Hypixel Tweaks by Aycy

A few tweaks.

Primitive Crafting by Tschipp

Primitive Crafting adds a new way of crafting items.


Aggiunge nuovi tools di Birch!