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Build Tweaks by Fabian Metzger

Items for crafting in Minecraft Build Modpack

Xray by Kradxns, ignis42

Kradxns Xray ported to 1.8.9

CommonUserInterface by yuxuanchiadm

The common user interface for user


Complete rituals and risk your life to gain special abilities.

Tinkered Hegemony by asiekierka

Powerful way to disable vanilla tools and replace them with Tinker's Construct equivalents.


Wshycaa's Zero Mod

Bow Of Death by safe7229, MCreator

OP bow


This is supposed to take a chunk of ARK Survival Evolved and put it into minecraft. This is still a very much W.I.P mod so dont expect much.

§6Cheese Mod

§9This mod allowes you to enjoy the beauty of cheese stuff!

mod_MinecraftMoreCoal by samppa128, MCreator

adds more powerful coal to minecraft

Goichcraft Things by Goichevs

This lightweight mod contains items and features to improve the Goichcraft modpack experience and provide a harder challenge for the player.

UsefulRecipes by sokratis12GR, Moritz30

This mod adds a lot of useful recipes for your survival

JustReportIt2 by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

Laggist by Le Duy Quang

A simple mod by Le Duy Quang that displays FPS and ping.

Codex Core by CodexTeam

Codex Core, Core Mod For All Codex Addons


Is The V2 of The Legends Mod Official


New boots, basically :D


This is an example mod

Insta Boom by AKTheKnight

Gives creepers a chance to instantly explode when they are attacked by a player.

Cloche Call by mallrat208

Immersive Engineering Integration for Crops that may not fit with the default implementation

Viesis' Dismounter by Viesis

Take back control of your minecarts!

Pokecube Expansion by Kaividian

Various items to expand Pokecube

Mystic Mod by Gareth Coles

Collection of tweaks for the Mystic Minecraft server


Pretty Useful

Survival Recipes by Carsten Ringe

A couple recipes to improve your survival.

Ant Hat Mod by WhirlWindBB, MCreator

A Mod for PopularMMOS about Ant Hats!

Tek Drone by TangoTek

Drones. Nuff said.

Biomes++ by Spamversender

Diese Mod fügt viele neue Biome ins Spiel ein.


This is an example mod

Adryd Friends Mod by Adryd

A Mod For Friends To Identify Eachother on servers

Family C

Ever wanted a family? This mod also has Gender system (Female model) ^^