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mod_HolyTools by thisISNOTalex26, MCreator

Power Of The Gods

sticky by The_Icy_One

Woodn't you like to know what this does? Leave this menu and find out.

Magnets by itayfeder

Adds a magnet.

ThrowCraft Reloaded by Aggurai

ThrowCraft - The power is in your hands! The epic 1.0/1.1 mod that gave people the unique ability to cause chaos with eggs and bombs has finally been updated... and its time to wreck some havoc!

Steam Engines Mod - Magie Addon by MeisterSkywalker alias SkyProgs, Mantes

Das Addon fügt die magischen Lederrüstungen, Teufelseisen und den magischen Marmor ein.

Mob Control by Alexiy

Control creature behaviour, enemies, combat


right click to activate the swords special powers!

Ores by Luke Plechaty

Thermal Recycling by OreCruncher

Thermal Expansion 4.x add-on that provides additional recipes for recycling


Without the special abilities

TimeChanger by Fyu

mod_BlazeCraft by LeonardoZ3, MCreator

The amazing blaze mod for minecraft that adds lots of blaze features to your game

History of Technology by Wyatt Scott

This mod takes you through history and into the future of technology.


That's a great mod!


Simple tool for modpacks creators


It lets you right click on items to pick them up!

Chatty by CruzBishop, AppleCrack

A chat plugin like no other

Stairs++ by MrLiop

Add more stairs

mod_MinecraftMoreCoal by samppa128, MCreator

adds more powerful coal to minecraft

Elemental Masters by Loic_MaitreDuFeu, MCreator

Have a Good Adventure!


The Spectate-Mod for the Flans-Mod1234 Server.

Silent Lib

Shared library for SilentChaos512's mods.


Archaeology mod for Minecraft

Eldritch Empires by Sea-Bass

Eldritch Empires - Minecraft base defense.

mod_Imperial164 by , MCreator

Solis by Flux

Creates a hostile Solar Apocalypse world

Extra Doors by Zolandre

A lot of new doors! Extreme!

Ambiotic by GraphicH

Scripting engine for adding ambient sounds based on players environment

Powns' Coords HUD by powns

A very customizable HUD which indicates your current coordinates.