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Strait by gibraltar

Frames Made Flatter

CommandItems by Eufranio

Item based commands, permissions, cooldowns and more!


Adds More Recipes To Minecraft

The Gauss Gun Mod by TheUltimateHose

A mod that adds a Gauss gun to your Minecraft. I recommend having something like Thermal Foundation installed because you will need a RF-source, copper ingots and tin nuggets

Dark Adaptations by Saitek, Darkrising, Dexman545, Gunpowder1234321

A Mod That Adds A Darker Touch To Minecraft.

ClassCraft Coins by classlessrook32

this mod was mainly used in for my modpack but it basically adds 16 different colored coins, could be used for some sort of economy, perhaps.

GrasslessDirtBackport by Joseph C. Sible

Backports most of 1.8's coarse dirt functionality to grassless dirt


This is an example mod

Rainbeau's Mithwood Forest by Rainbeau Flambe (DBurgdorf)

Adds a new biome, as well as a few mobs and some new armor and tool sets.

Wizards of Lua by Michael Karneim, Adrian Uffmann

The Art of Spell Crafting

Healing Altar

Mod is made to cover the gap for early game healing in hardcore worlds.

Metallic Crops by knoxhack

Metallic Crops

Modular Armour

A Mod that makes a modular armour set, with upgrades

Ender Hopper by Lemons

Ender Hopper

Fence Overhaul by The_WeatherPony

Adds improved fences to Minecraft

Galaxite by Insane96MCP

New ore spawning in the end on the outer islands. Tools and Armor made with this ore, the Galaxite, have special protection againist "End" sources and a special ability when you fell into the void


This mod adds Snow Lapis Tools that works well with the snow dimension mod.


This is an rrrr mod

Hotkey Ore Dictionary Converter by MattDahEpic

Converts specified ore dictionary items on keybinding.

ZarakLib by Zarak

It's a library for all Zarak's mods

Immersive Integration by UnwrittenFun

Adds ME wire connectors to use IE style wires with AE


Crash OMG

Mo' Utilities Mod by Tate Mooney

Adds variety to the tools in Minecraft.

Cube's Cube Blocks by Cube

This is my test mod. It adds several Cube blocks to the creative tab. With version 2.1 blocks are randomly generated, pickable, and solve when broken. Version 2.5 includes tools on a Cube Tab

MOMO Mod by MaXxPro, MCreator

El Mod de MOMO creado originalmente para AnthonyCraft y hecho por MaXxProYT

A Ton Of awesome things by Cursed Warrior and PVP_Rider, MCreator

Adds new awesome things

Minecraft Skill Trees by Z_Doctor

Minecraft just got a skill tree

Hat Stand Crafting Mod by manmaed

Addes a Crafting Recipe for iChuns Hat stand (And Other Things)

Nickname mod by boomboompower

A mod which changes your name in chat, designed for players who wish to show a different IGN for recordings


This is an example mod

Highlands by sdj64

Highlands is a mod that adds more biomes to Minecraft. Over 40 new biomes, new trees, mountains, and biome-specific ore gen.

MoreUniversalBlock by Redsword

Add different barrier, gate, and slab that does not exist in minecraft

Better Tools Mod by Neuro

Ever dread the thought of having to dig out a large quarry with your measly, flimsy pickaxe? Well dread no more! With more tools to choose from with greater durability and speed, any project is never too big.