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ForgeSubWhitelist by Dries007, DoubleDoor team

Automatic sub login checker for Twitch, GameWisp, Beam, ...


Core for all Wasliebob's mods.

GameMods Utilities by Lucas_gamer13

Mod de utilidades para o GameMods

Rob's Stuff by Venrob

Mod for misc things

Metallurgy 3 by Shadowclaimer, Rebelkeithy, Freyja, Glassmaker

The Metallurgy metals

WallpaperCraft by Aarron

A decorative Minecraft mod .

Garden Trees

Ornamental trees, posts, and fences.

Chunk Fix by Rivvest

Fixes chunk loading that causes world holes

Galacticraft Phobians by jasonB221

This Galacticraft addon brings a story line to Galacticraft


Enter short description here


This Mod is Cool

GrowthCraft Core by Gwafu (a.k.a supertoinkz)

Shared files within GrowthCraft

Celestial Craft by HalestormXV

A mod that adds a magical Celestial Expansion to Minecraft.

Shamanry by Asyncronos

Adding Shamanry to Thaumcraft



Prodigy Tech by Lykrast

A tech mod that goes through various concepts.



The Math Mod by javaforfun

A mod filled with math stuff!

Influence by ExampleDude

Mod Api.


Enter short description here

JAM by Vigaro

Just Another Mod

Sneaker Mod by Quartzic

Turn on and off your skin layer just by sneaking!


This is the dimensions side of the mod, I made them seperate because I didn't want my workspace to be messy!

Mars by Frinn

Add Skyland world generator for the overworld.

Fancy Cheeses by dude22072

Who doesn't love fancy cheese? I bet Steve loves it.

FTB Tweaks by Jaredlll08

Allows you to have multiple Recipe Modes.


This is an example mod

Extra Golems by sky01

Adds 17 new golems to the minecraft universe, each with unique textures and attributes.

CCAdvHTTP by Cameron MacFarland (distantcam)

Advanced HTTP Peripheral for ComputerCraft.