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New COD release!

Desolate Wasteland Tweaks by Kashdeya

Tweaks for Desolate Wasteland Modpack.


This is an example mod

Diamond Lamps by blingsect, MCreator

Just a little decorative lamp.

FindIt! by Zeitheron

Search inventory for an item easily!

Minecraft Money by PolarFluid, OfficiallyPolar

Adds money to Minecraft!


Just the latest version of the mod for Minecraft version 1.10.2 instead of 1.11.2

Schematic Meta-Blocks

Tools for making schematics more useful for modders

Stone Torches by covers1624, vertex101

Add stone torches.

SnowVillage by svenhjol

Adds villages to ice plains and cold taiga


Mod Pai De Familia o Mod Mais Delícioso do Mundo Adiciona Diversos Personagem Do Vídeo Mais Humoristico Do Brasil o Pai De Familia Mais Informações Acessem a CDC Mods , By Gunner GamesPlays

Uncrafting Mod by Ms_Raven

A simple mod that lets you convert items into the materials used to craft them.

CustomClient 2 by ExampleDude


FMP to CB by AgentEpsilon

Convert Forge Microblocks to Chisels & Bits structures.

Simple Wooden Bucket by reteo

Adds a wooden bucket that can hold water and milk. That's all. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

BQShim by AntiquiAvium

BQShim mod.

Skylands by Frinn

Generate Skylands World

Colored Name Tags by Turkey2349

Mod that allows for name tags to be colored and give colored names

Bed Bug Buster by gr8pefish

Adds a button to leave the bed/server when stuck!

World Drop by Domochevsky

Lets you drop from one dimension to another.


We can build a lot of items in bedrock with tis mod...

AlchimiaMOre by GluckLeute

Beautiful Woods by HellerTech

More pretty wood blocks

AutoDab Online by 9Y0

AutoDab where you can see other people dabbing too.

TacticalFrame Mod by Sweetheart

War of Crafter and Machine.