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Sword Art Online UI by TheJackiMonster, Bluexin, Tencao

A Design-Mod for playing SAO in Minecraft..


This is an example mod

Netherending Ores by ICannt Team

Netherending Ores

Hospital Mod - Theatre Pack (Alpha) by leonneary1990, MCreator

Alpha Version


Guns mod 1.2.2, adds guns; Auto Rifles, Rifles, and Pistols. It also adds traps like Stick Traps and Spikes!

Json Recipes by anti344

Use JSON format(which is used everywhere in Minecraft) to add your own crafting recipes! With NBT, OreDictionary and machines other mods support!


Just Some SR & Harry Potter Sounds


Enter short description here

NeXTech by KingNXT and NeXTech Dev team

A mod that implements real time Tech!

Griswold's Workshop

A Minecraft Mod about being a Blacksmith

Proactive Mod by shu3

I Love, You Love, Proactive

Cerulan's Hunger Modifiers by Sir Cerulan

Allows editing of default Minecraft hunger values through config files.

Rarity by EasyLightning

A helper

Submit Issue by Selim_042

Adds just one command, submitissue to easily get to a mod's issue tracker.

DBS1 by JopGamerNL, MCreator


Locked for Good by TheRedMajora

This mod adds in unique locked door blocks.

mod_DungeonsandWeapons by Xaron, MCreator

More Dungeons, Weapons and Mobs

AbyssalCraft Core by shinoow

Library used by AbyssalCraft mods - contains API as well

Flat Biome Mod by polyfiller

A flat biome for base building.

Invisible Block Mod by Lfaoanl

Adds a fully configurable invisible block to minecraft


Vote to advance through the night by sleeping in a bed

Forge Auto-Shutdown by RoyCurtis

Automatically shuts down the server by schedule, or by player vote.

r2s_Radio by **Sir_TiTi**

Run 2 Stay : Radio Mod this is a mod wich is all about music, Be patient its in dev. phase go and spread the words the r2s_team


Phoenix Mod Made By xBlazinq


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Mental by Ian "Txuritan/Captain Daro'Ma'Sohni Tavia" Cronkright, yu02241

Tons of ores. Moths too.

Wither Shards by Sterling Mods

A stand-alone mod for an intermediate Nether Star item. Possible uses include mini-boss and quest rewards. The Nether Star Shard has no special power or health benefit, it is only an intermediate item to obtain Nether Stars.