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IPLog by Meronat, IchorPowered

Connects IP addresses to users, allowing you to catch alternates and similar.

Rollin' Stackin' by cylgom

Moonwalk & browse your inventory simultaneously

Clock Mod by MrCrayfish

A mod developed during Mod Week Season 2. <description>

Kind of Magic by MrRiegel

Kind of magic.

Turkish Meals by Selcuk Karakoyun, Atari Kafa

This mod adds some Turkish foods.


Mods Novedades 1.8

Cosmic Prisons Information by SHANERNAT0R

Add some extra information to your cosmic prisons mining experience


This is a new mod

AutoPlanter by Kotori316

Add automatically planting dirt.

More Real Glass by MineDrow

It's for children who do not know how glass is dangerous or to fans of the hardcore in game. Thanks to google and many good coders. Glass is danger, trust me, be careful.


Allows you to change your Particles setting though a button press

Nearby Mob Finder by VikeStep

Tells you where the nearby mobs are when you can't sleep via chat.


Makes Sky Factory more fun (add Redstone tools)

JJ Races by JdiJack

JJ Races

WeaponCaseLoot by Iskall85, Winter_Grave

Weapon Cases!


Utility set by Zeno410

MeowRPC by dilysmcat, Saddii

Update your Discord status with a Rich Presence showing your Minecraft activity

Leather Water Sac by Emris_Morath

It's a water sac made out of lather for TerraFirmaCraft

Pirate Route by GLizxc2


Tmtravlr's Timer by Tmtravlr

Adds a simple timer set by commands. All commands start with /timer, so type that and press tab to see what's available.

Compressed Bonemeal by hedgehogpie12

Adds compressed bonemeal


Here's privately mod


Justin Mob, main mod for the complete Justin Mods Set

Ark Fuel by cardy1982, MCreator

Nice, new fuel! Nobody cares!

§e§k!!§6§k]]§c§kkk§4§lAd Inferos§c§kkk§6§k]]§e§k!! by superdextor

§cAdds in a whole Array of §6Items > Ores > Mobs > and More!§c in to The §4§lNether! §7§ocan you survive?

The Dimensions Mod by MrJoCrafter, MCreator

Adds new dimensions

mod_XeraingamingMod by dark_miner42, MCreator

Xeraingaming Mod


Ancient carrots of the world are being discovered, can you find them