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Stone Chests by kjmaster1

Stone chests for minecraft

Turtle Gun by Lomeli12

Because why not?

Common Sense Food by MrFancypants

Adds delicious, extra foods and drinks.

gatemod by Ternsip

Teleport wallsign-button mod

No Jump Mod

Makes player step up single blocks


This is an example mod


Stop readin just play

ClaySoil by Fearitude

This mod adds a random clay drop to Dirt, Grass and Mycelium blocks.

Railcraft Cosmetic Additions by Cream Tea

This mod adds cosmetic additions to the mod Railcraft, by CovertJaguar.


For Dilleron. New Mob,Ingot and Armour

PixelCraft by JoseluMinecraft

Example placeholder mod.

The Forgotten Biomes by ToyChicaMangle, MCreator

Enter short description here

House Decorations Mod by Thundercraft, MCreator

This Mod Was Made For, Decorating Your House With Small Items. Smooth Lighting Is Reccomended For This Mod Right Now Cause It Has A Lighting Bug

Random Items (configurable) by Fiberone

Configurable random item spawning!

Deadly Book mod by xZakem

Some books may have been enchanted by TNT Wizards

Voidcraft 2 by ACharLuk

Voidcraft 2

Ender Dust And More by ProxyNeko


Spices up your world with new structures!

IC2 Recipe Fixer by Ash Indigo

Changes the new IC2 to there old versions from 1.2.5.

materialconverter by inaka, TcrsSoft

Satako by Alexiy

Shared library

Reinforced Iron Mod by MrPlank

A awesome mod that makes iron much much more useful than ever!

fortcraft 2.3 by Jasper, MCreator

fortnite by tangentsoda

Thermal Strong Box fix by AtomicStryker

Turns any creative Strongbox TE into a basic one

Peko's HarnessLead by pekolin



A mod that adds the elements.

Brad Mason's Fishing Adventure! by Kim Boulton

Heroin, but worse.

DungeonSpawnerManager by Casstle

Control the spawners used by Vanilla Minecraft

Server Shops

Buy and sell items to and from the server

Key Bindings Overhaul by Elix_x

Overhaul minecraft key bindings system...

The Universe by The_Nick, NobodyMiner, zackyboy18, Hjalma

A mod which adds a lot!

Iron Backpacks by gr8pefish

Upgradeable backpacks.

Corail Pillar - Chisel Extension by §9Corail

§eExtension of Corail Pillar to integrate Chisel Mod Blocks

Blood Mod by jawser78

Blood Mod! Please Support me @ . If you want to help out with the mod, comment @ Thanks!