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ElvenTools by reginn

util opensource survival

Emasher Resource by Emasher

opensource library worldgen

Ender Prospecting by Blir, Talkarcabbage

Craft Eyes of Prospecting and use them to track ores!


Ender Utilities by masa

Some random, hopefully fun, and possibly even useful utilities (Modjam 4)

opensource modjam teleport random tech

EnderNet by asie

opensource addon tech

Enderium Power Armor by tterrag

opensource armor tech

Engineer's Toolbox

Engineer's Toolbox is a tech mod with a focus on customization. It's based around blocks called sockets which can have modules installed on their sides to serve various functions. Different modules can do everything from simple redstone logic, to generating energy

opensource tech

Equivalent Exchange 3 by pahimar, x3n0ph0b3

Transmute stuff into other stuff! Become a Minecraft God!


FMPIntegration by wasliebob

This mod adds microparts for all blocks ingame

cosmetic opensource addon

FloatingRuins by DaftPVF, bspkrs

Floating islands taken from the ground with ruins on top.

worldgen ruins dungeons serverside opensource

Forbidden Magic by SpitefulFox

Forbidden Magic is an addon to add many dark-themed things to Thaumcraft.

magic opensource enchanting

Forestry Extras by Wasliebob

Forestry Addon

addon bees opensource

Forge Mod Loader by cpw, LexManos

The Forge Mod Loader provides the ability for systems to load mods from the file system. It also provides key capabilities for mods to be able to cooperate and provide a good modding environment. The mod loading system is compatible with ModLoader, all your ModLoader mods should work.

library opensource

GraveStone by NightKosh

This mod adds a gravestone to the game, which 'spawns' at player/villager/dog/cat death.

opensource worldgen dungeons

GreenHam by boq

Dyeable beacon beams


Hackery for Minecraft by KJ4IPS

A mod about exploiting bugs from within the game

opensource modjam


Adds voice control for Minecraft - mainly for accessibility, but fun things happen if glasses are worn.

opensource accessibility

HarvestCraft Waila Fixes by squeek

An add-on for Pam's HarvestCraft that fixes a few missing names/icons in Waila tooltips

opensource survival addon

In-Game Mod List (1.6)

This mod provides an in-game interface for the mod list hosted over at

opensource util

In-Game Mod List (1.7)

This mod provides an in-game interface for the mod list hosted over at

opensource util