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YoshiCraft by palmerjj01

Do you like Yoshi? Lets go on an adventure to Yoshi Land!


All you can eat!

You Ate my Mother by empiricist

Animals are more observant now.


Now You Can!


Made by Peach

YouShallNotStack by InfinityRaider

Modify stacksize of items

YouTube Chat by jimrogers

Enables interaction with YouTube Gaming chat.

YouTube Chat by SteveKunG, PeregrineZ, jimrogers

Enables interaction with YouTube Live Stream Chat.

YouTube Stuff Mod by thvardhan ALSO KNOW AS Serial Player

This Is A Mod

YouTuber's Lucky Blocks Mod by thvardhan (AKA Serial Player), spikespaz

YouTuber's Lucky Blocks Mod by @thvardhan. RNG blocks for every YouTuber!


Yoo Wanna Play With Youtubers Indo Here I Just Make A Cool Mods Ehehehhehe... Can Play With Youtubers Now Lol Hope You Guys Like It !!

YoumuKonpaKu by Ayou

KeystrokesMod , ReachdisPlayMod , SprintMod , FPSMod , CPSMod , MotionblurMod

Your Mod Ideas by 98_Mods

Your Mod ideas.

Your Ore by Phobophobe

Adds a new ore which can be crafted into a block, and tools, every aspect of this mod is configurable.

Your Records Mod by Arkif

Add your own music to custom records in the game!