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Yanma Tweaks by Yankas

Various tweaks for the yanma mod pack..


This Mod Adds More Armor

Yarn by KuzmaS

Yarn spinning and other peaceful recipes.

Yarr Cute Mob Models - Remake by yarrmateys

Replaces the vanilla mobs with designs used in MobTalker by AT2. Remake of the abandoned japanese mod, with all new stuff by me. Note, this is a different mod than the original. Send all questions and reports about this mod to its curseforge page, don't bother original CMM author with them.

Yastm by UnRealDinnerbone

Yet Another Simple Telrpoter Mod

Ye Gamol Chattels

Adds a number of mostly decorational items to the game, with a focus on keeping the Minecraft aesthetics both visually and thematically.

Ye Olde Tanks by Shadowfacts



A mod that adds many kinds of middle ages drinks and brewing. Also, you can eat a chicken dinner!


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Yellow Coal by AmazigJj

Yellow coal for your reactor


Just like the blue and red


Yellow Is Your Color


BS3 Yellowcake mod

Yes it emulator real life(YIERL) by _Goder_

Yes it emulator real life.

Yet Another Backup Mod by Szernex

Yet another Minecraft Backup Mod

Yet Another Backup Mod 2 by Szernex

Yet another Minecraft Backup Mod, version 2

Yet Another Core by RicardoTheCoder, iamshift

Used for all my mods and others that find it useful

Yet Another Food Mod by airbreather, skidznet

Adds some more food to the game. Yeah yeah, it's been done before, just not by me. Icons by skidznet.