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ZarakLib by Zarak

It's a library for all Zarak's mods

Zarbium Mod by Zarbi4734

Mod du serveur Zarbium


This is an example mod

Ze Torches by ILMABCRY

This is my first mod and I will bring alot of updates

Zebra's Toggle Sneak&Sprint by BlauesZebra

Sneak and sprint keys behave as if they can be locked into the pressed state and unlocked by pressing them again. The function can be enabled/disabled ingame by pressing other configurable keys. Have a look into the Controls section.

ZeiyoCraft by Heinair, Mawadinger, MyZoom

Zeiyo's minecraft mod.

Zelda Sword Skills by coolAlias

The ultimate Zelda mod, adding nearly everything from the Zelda series to Minecraft.

Zelda Sword Skills Addon by willer111

This is a ZeldaSwordSkills Addon, which adds some items ZSS didn't.



Zen Mod Loader by WireSegal

Don't sweat it, let ZML handle your models. Mainly for modjams and stuff.

Zen Toolforge by Nihiltres

CraftTweaker utilities for Tinker's Construct

Zen Triggers by TeamDman

Adds methods to execute commands when certain events happen

ZenStages by artdude543

Advanced CraftTweaker Classes to allow making Staged Modpacks that much easier.

ZenSummoning by TeamDman

Allows pack makers to set up custom summoning scenarios

ZenTweaker by Snownee

Tweaker for the modpack: Zengineering.

Zencessories by SkySom