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Zoo and Wild Animals Mod: Rebuilt by George Kazanjian (SoggyMustache)

Animal Mod


A mod which brings Zoo in minecraft.

Zoom by tonius11

Adds binoculars to Minecraft

ZoomIt by OndraSter

Simple Forge-compatible zoom mod.


Zoom like optifine.

Zoooooom by Vanhal

Mod that provides item, fluid and rf transport

Zora no Densha by ZnDevelopment

Zora no Densha adds tracks, trains, and lovely track-related decoration to Minecraft. This mod comes with a default Track Pack.

Ztech by Zuxelus

Collection of Outdated IC2 Addons

Ztones by riciJak


Ztones Reloaded by AarronMC

A Decrative Minecraft mod.

ZwangCraft Mod

The ZwangCraft Mod

Zyczu Unown Balls by zyczu

PokeBalle do kasyna