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OTG: Flatlands

A superflat world with many different biomes and super sized villages

OTG: Skylands

A Skylands world generator with interconnected floating islands and void below. Watch your step!

OTG: Void

A void world with a single floating island at spawn


The OTISI Modpack Mod

Obelisk by The_Icy_One

Sometimes a slightly glassy lavarock is magical. Sometimes it isn't.


A large database with armor weapons and misc items.

Oblivion Fields II

Adds a humid, cold sky dimension with colourful trees, islands floating on clouds, portal beacons and more!

ObsAoA by Jim MiningWorm

Addon for Advent of Ascension

ObsTrophies by Jim MiningWorm

Trophies for Mobs

Obsidian Buster by Exo594

Adds a special pickaxe, capable of breaking only obsidian, but at an accelerated rate!