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OP Diamonds by BHGoalie

Make crafting recipes for easy diamonds!

OP Items by EXPGamer303

Adds new blocks, items, armor, and food to the game.

OP Miner by arttupoika12

Add's Miner's Dream Like Tool.

OP Tools by oDubzzy

Adds Overpowered tools to Minecraft!

OP Tools by uno

Over Power Tools (SSP/SMP)


OP-Craft - One Piece Mod for Minecraft


Te gustaria ser un OP? Con este mod lo puedes ser!


Simply OP


A op mod that uses diamond blocks and beacons

OPPackTweaks by jmanpenilla



This mod adds a REALLY Op Sword!


This mod adds op stuff, all realting to lapis

OPswords by spychicken123, MCreator

adds many new swords


Good luck...

OTG: Dimensions

This worldpack demonstrates the multi-dimension features of OTG (Forge only). It requires the Flatlands, Skylands and Void worlds and places each world in its own dimension. You can construct a portal made of quartz or glowstone to travel between OTG dimensions and use the /otg dim console commands to manage dimensions.