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Oxystatic Field by JayRayHay

This mod adds in a Oxystatic Field that can be used to keep oxygen in and repel water. Also for use in mods that add dimensions/planets with harsh or no oxygen

Ozen by reginn


This is an example mod



octadium by Somblackgaming,Woody97430,Ghossorigine

Mod Octadium

offLawn by Rhodox, Slinky

A Painterly Pack world improvement mod. Find and farm sunflowers, craft decorative grass lawns, and grow sturdy beanstalks to expand your exploration options. Fully supported by the Painterly Pack customizer!

oheoh's Ores by oheoh

This mod adds some ores, ingots, tools, etc.


This is an example mod

onigiriMOD by shumao, McMDK

oof by Refraction

Play a ROBLOX death sound effect when killing a player.