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JustAnotherTFCAddon by Wiggles

Does stuff


Simplistic mod that adds the fallout series bottle caps.

JustDaggers by DeflatedPickle

A Minecraft mod that adds some daggers.

JustEnoughIDs by Runemoro

Use the 1.13 chunk format in 1.12 to remove block, item, and biome ID limits.

JustEnoughTooltips by superckl

Quickly find and view recipes for items and blocks.

JustNuggets by DeflatedPickle

Adds a nugget for every ingot and gem found in the Ore Dictionary.

JustTheTips by DeflatedPickle

Adds some tips to loading screens.

JustWeapons by DeflatedPickle

A Minecraft mod that adds some weapons.

Just_dust by XavierDD1st

Just Dust is a mod that adds dust for Gold, Iron, Diamond, Obsidian, Lapis, Element Death, Element Life, Element Fire, Element Water, Element Matter, and Element Earth. Just Dust has two Machines(so far), Grinder Tier I, and Compressor Tier I.

Justice MC by Awex, BBovard

Superhero Skin placeholder.

Justice MC by Awex__, BBovard

Justice MC - Another Superhero mod :)


Justin Mob, main mod for the complete Justin Mods Set


keyblades in minecraft


jKLmfa mod


Here's privately mod