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This is an example mod


The JakePig can baking cakes!

Jamanite Stuff by throwable_cabage

This mod adds various jamanite items.


This Adds Dimension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Boom Command And New Armor!


Added only a pickaxe????!!


For DLOJ With original textures made with paint,mcreator and gimp

James Brown Furnace by Kobold Commando

A furnace, but also James Brown.

James090500's MinecraftCape & Elytra Mod Mod by james090500

Custom Cape and Elytra textures

James090500's MinecraftCapes Mod by james090500

Custom Cape and Deadmau5 textures for minecraft which everyone with the mod can see!

Jammy Furniture Mod by Jammy780

Adding furniture to Minecraft!

Janpoizz Crafting Mod by JanCrafter12 (aka Janpoizz)

This mod adds some extra crafting recipes that allow you to craft uncraftable items and blocks.

Janus Compatibility Library by ZaBi94

Library used by zabi94's mods to run cross version. Inspired by McJty's compatlayer

Japanese Emoji Commands by ProxyNeko

A simple mod that let's you use Kaomoji (Japanese emoji) in Minecraft with simple commands rather than having to go and find them online if you don't have a supported keyboard.