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Jon's Useless Mod by Jon

A useless mod that adds a slew of useless items, blocks, and more!


Jon's Custom Mud Blocks

Joshcraft by 2011josh

This mod in a collection of ideas suggested by my stream. we have spent a long time working on this together, so please enjoy

Joshua's Christmas Mod by Joshua Stone

Adds Christmas-themed features such as Christmas trees and lights, sugar cookies, and so on.

JournalDunNoob-1.12.2 by Victor, MCreator

thats a mod

Journey Mod by Medic_Gaming

A mod especially for my best friend!

Journey To Gensokyo by Katrix

Bridge mod of the RTY modpack

JourneyMap Server by mysticdrew, techbrew

Server stuff for JourneyMap

JourneyMap Unlimited Edition by techbrew (Mark Woodman)

Real-time map in-game or in a web browser as you explore.

JourneyMapDefaults by BinaryCraft

Allows mod pack makers to easily provide customised default settings for JourneyMap

Joypad / SplitScreen Mod

Play Minecraft splitscreen using gamepad controllers!!

Json Recipes by anti344

Use JSON format(which is used everywhere in Minecraft) to add your own crafting recipes! With NBT, OreDictionary and machines other mods support!

JsonLootBags by Dries007, DoubleDoor team

Json Loot bags

JuiceWares by JuiceGrape

A random collection of fun little changes, blocks and items to help me learn modding.

opensource mobs enchanting tools