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Jeivillagers by Buuz135

A JEI plugin for veiwing Villager recipes

Jelly Beans by callumhutchy

Adds jelly beans to the game, nom nom nom.

Jen's Wacky Guesses by TheMinecraftOverlord

This mod adds in a bunch of mobs that Jen guessed incorrectly for the Challenge Games!

Jewelers Construct by Darkhax, Jaredlll08

Tinkers but with baubles

Jewellery by Kethas, ICallHax_TV

Adds Jewellery.


This mod lets you create jewelry that applies a buff/debuff to the wearer


This is an strong mod

Jif Mod by Sk1er, prplz

Jif is better than Skippy (and Skeppy)!


this mod add a new biome with a magical fruit and not only

JinRyuu's Better Render Addon

A Better Render Addon for all of my mods. Cause We Want More

JinRyuu's Bleach C

Bleach C is a mod based on the popular anime Bleach.