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JinRyuu's Mods Core

A core for all of my mods, but it is not a 'core mod'! ;)

JinRyuu's Years C

Its basicaly an aging mod where years pass by and you get older with surprises.


This is an example mod


Sponge jobs plugin.

JoelGodOfWar's Simple Coordinate Mod by JoelGodOfWar

Adds various utilities and enhancements to make your life easier. Designed with the Newbie Minecrafter in mind

Joetater: Region Saver by Mevans

A tool to save region files on servers, quickly and easily! Developed for the LOTR Mod Official Server.

Join Invincibility by PbJBOSS

Invincibility on server join.


Joint and build!! Move and ride!! Have fun!!

Joist Mod by kojin15

add a joist corresponding to vanilla wood.


This is an example mod

Jon Block Mod by Jonathan

The official Jon Block mod made with love by Jonathan. <3

Jon's Exclusives by Jon

A custom Minecraft mod for exclusive content.