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KeepInventorySponge by runescapejon

Let players keep their Inventory if they have permission - Spongepowered

KeepTiled by eyeq


Keeper Core Library by KeeperofMee

A library containing essential classes/reflection for some of my mods.

Keeping Inventory

When you die your inventory will be kept.


This is an example mod

Kelpie by Darkhax

A the kelpie from scottish lore to mc!

KemonoCraft by ERX.


Bouboule Simulator 3 Mod

Kenshiro Mod

Unleash your Manpower in dangerous bursts. Made of fists.

Kerberos's MOD Core by Kerberos

This MOD is Kerberos's MODs core module., This MOD does not add a Block!

Kerency Space System by §aMarco - Nick: TheBlasterEnd

Tengo a precisare che questa è la mia prima mod(addons) e quindi non sarà perfetta, ed ho deciso di dedicarla ai Kerency per il loro duro lavoro su YouTube. Spero che l'addons vi piaccia!!

KernCraft by R3DKn16h7

A simple Chemistry mod.


This mod adds cool 3d Weapons in to minecraft


Ore Plants!

Kether by Krevik

Mod that adds a whole new world.