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Kaizo by FortoNightmare

add over tons of weapon and items

KalStuff by The TEAM Team

A mod that adds plenty of random stuff. From chicken nests to moon flowers, KalStuff will suit all your random mod needs!

Kamen Rider Craft 2 By Kelco_K22

this mod is based on the Japanese tv show Kamen Ridee.I will be adding all riders. but I what to add most Heisei era main riders first.

Kamen Rider Craft V3 by Kelco_K22

Example placeholder mod.


This mod adds in stuff in Egyptian Mythology


Mod by Timosh.



Karat Garden by MrAmericanMike

Karat Garden mod.

KaratGarden by MrAmericanMike

Karat Garden Mod.

Karmaland 3 Mod

Mod creado por MorelPlay y basado en la serie de Youtuber Karmaland 3, formada por los Youtubers Vegetta777, TheWiilyrex, StaXxCraft y Alexby11

KaroglanSignEditor by Tollainmear

Make sign edition esaier!

KaroglandSignEditor by Tollainmear

A plugin to edit the sign