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Make the Ultimite Sword!

KeystrokesMod by Fyu

Displays your keystrokes on screen.

KeystrokesModPlus by Fyu, spiderfrog

Shows your keystrokes ingame. | Updated and modified by spiderfrog


YOLO! Ich, die _Keksmaschine KIBO habe ein ULTRAGEILEN mod erstellt!


Kiboverse KatanaZ mod - KATANAS, BLAUBEEREN = AWESOME!!!!

Kill Effect Mod by crazysnailboy

Spawns iconcrack particles when a player is killed by another player

Killer Minecarts by Enosphorous

Making minecarts dangerous for about a week!

Killer Pacman mod by FiskFille

Killer table by Alexiy

A reimplementation of Peaceful table


HE will find you HAHAHA


Adds a killfeed to Minecraft.

Kiln by archiebaldry

When furnaces just don't cut it.