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Kasslim's mazes by Kasslim

This mod generates good mazes.

KatLib by Katrix




Kathairis by Krevik

Kathairis is a whole new dimension with a rich back-story, many new mobs, and so much more!



Kawo LMM Extension by dhs_lo_jd


This mod added a lot of new weapons!

Kbz's Bundle Pack by Kbz

The Bundle Mod for Hypixel.

Kd's Food Mod by kd8lvt

A mod that adds nothing but food. Because why not?

Kd8lvt's Stone and Wooden Armor by kd8lvt

It adds what it says on the tin, nothing more, nothing less.

Kebab Mod by Hydroxios, Darkteam24

This mod add Kebab !!!

Keddy's Mod by keddy_cn

addon something interesting~

Keep Hunger by Terrails

It saves your hunger when you respawn

Keep Inventory by TheAwesomeOne36, Calenria, Rediomand

Keep your inventory!

Keep Items On Death

Turns on keepInventroy gamerule

Keep My Keys by IamBlueSlime

A mod who permits to load a Minecraft configuration file to import your keys mappings.