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VoxelMap by MamiyaOtaru

Voxelmap is a Minimap that has been packed to the brim with features -Advanced entity radar displays entity icons -Works properly in the Nether -Supports most custom Forge blocks -Teleport to waypoints if you have permission -Press "Z" to change map zoom level -Press "X" to toggle large map -Press "M" to bring up the minimap menu


Long range terrain editing

Voxels by A_villager, Purplicious_Cow

Voxels are a new in-game currency used by sentient Creepers, who live in highly socialized Creeper Villages and specialize in trading, economics, and explosives

Voyage Ark by Scarecrow

A simple mod.


This is a gun mod.

Vulcan's Revenge by pauljoda

Vulcan's sword was his pride and joy, then one day an adventurer broke it, sealing him away forever.

Vulcanite by Insane96MCP

New ore into the nether. Tools and Armor made with this ore, the Vulcanite, have special properties


This is an example mod


Just a simple mod


This is an example mod


This is an example mod