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Vanilla Supplements by Sythiex

Adds emerald tools and armor, additional recipes for vanilla items, and alternative ways of acquiring several resources.

Vanilla Tech by APengu

Adds different handy items and blocks

Vanilla Tools & Armor

Tools and armor for vanilla resources.

Vanilla Tools...? by Sven Lechner (SirWindfield)

This mod makes all vanilla tools useless!

Vanilla Tweaks by StrikerRocker

Vanilla Utilities Mod by LordDusk

Several little additions to make Minecraft life a little easier.

Vanilla+ Tools by Let's Dev Together

3x3 Mining and Digging tools in Vanilla flavor

Vanilla-Inspired Teleporters by DanYeomans, bronsonf1

Teleport with ease!


Fun additions to vanilla

VanillaDeathChest by TheRandomLabs, OpenMods

Takes the gravestone from OpenBlocks and replaces it with a vanilla chest.

VanillaFix by Runemoro

Bug fixes, stability improvements, and better crash reports for Minecraft.

VanillaFoodPlus by Mordsgeier, MCreator

VanillaFoodPlus is a small mod that adds some Food with only Vanilla ingredients.

VanillaPlusReborn by Shonz1

Example placeholder mod.