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Veining by LalalaStab

Uncovers an ancient enchantment allows you to mine veins in a single swing.

Veinminer Mod Integration by Portablejim

Several integration options for Veinminer

Velocity by gurujive

Adding Motion To The Motionless


Adds a vending block that lets you sell items.

Vending Machine Mod by general3214

This mod adds a Vending Machine to dispense you with tasty drinks and candy at your beckon call (well, only if you have money)! This mod was originally created by angrybeast96 and MrArcane111, so kudos to them and all of their hard work, but since they cannot update their mods anymore, they have been placed in my care to update. This mod requires Forge, so it is compatible with SMP. Remember, ladies and gents, NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!

Vending Machines

Adds a vending machine that lets you sell items.

Vending Machines Revamped by Azias

Adds vending machines, soda, coffee and more to your game.

VengaModMC by Vengalism

Some fun things I've made during my spare time.

Venomous Fangs by Cleverpanda

Cave spiders drop venomous fangs which can be crafted into poison arrows


Beta test


This is an example mod


The greatest mod ever

Version Checker by Dynious

Easily find updates for your installed mods!

Vertical End Portals by TheRandomLabs

Vertical End portals!

Vertical Slabs by Steelfeathers

Slabs, but vertical.