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ViaBackwards by Matsv

Allow older Minecraft versions to connect to an newer server version.

ViaRewind by Gerrygames

ViaVersion by _MylesC, Matsv

Allow newer clients to join older server versions.

Vials by Lord Joda

A mod adding Vials for Tinkers Construct sized fluid amounts

Victory Royale Mod by Sk1er

Displays #1 Victory Royale upon game win on Hypixel.

VideoCraft by ChloeGirlGamer, MCreator

Make videos with the VideoCraft. You get: Green screen and you can also get the replay mod to make videos esey: Be sure it is day time so the greenscreen stays one color.

Vies Machines by Vies

Machines through the eyes of Vies!

ViesCraft by Viesis

Airships through the eyes of Viesis!

ViesCraft Tweaker by GoryMoon

A mod that adds CraftTweaker functionality and modifies some things to ViesCraft

Viesis' Dismounter by Viesis

Take back control of your minecarts!

View EMC by Silly511

View EMC allows you to view the EMC value of a block on waila.

View Item Durable

view self item durable in screen

Vigilant Eureka by Edwan Vi

A mod that does things to the Minecraft. Source is available at


kick Draugr in their skele-balls!


Beta Version!

Vil-Loot-Gers by SHsuperCM

Gives Villagers drops

Village Box by ckhbox & wilusy

Will add later