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Void Fog by Tamaized

Brings back the old Void Fog

Void Island Control by Bartz24

Adds a world type for custom island generation for void worlds.

Void Lamp by Glasspelican

Adds a lamp that can clear away void fog

VoidCraft by Tamaized

Explore the Void

VoidDecay by Funwayguy

Slowly eats away at ones world with devastating effects


Enter the Void


This is an example mod


Enter short description here


Provides new tools and machines to IC2 and some cool tools powered by void energy!

Voidaic Arcania by Camellias_, ModMCdl, Deadlas

Voidcraft 2 by ACharLuk

Voidcraft 2

Volcanic Evolution 1.0.6 by ParziMods, MCreator


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