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Vanilla Evolved by TheEnderMiner

Adds new blocks, gems, tools, and armor.

Vanilla Expansion by MJRLegends

A mod to expand the Vanilla experience

Vanilla Extended by Dragonnox

More vanilla style content for Minecraft.

Vanilla Food Pantry by The_Wabbit

Many more uses for and better mass storage of vanilla foodstuff. Makes food preparation fun and you gain Xp while you're doing it. More efficient drops system for farm animals and many more kinds of drops-- horses, bats, wolves included.

Vanilla Immersion by PaleoCrafter

Immersify everything!

Vanilla Ingot Works by reteo

Ore doubling and alloying using the vanilla furnace. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

Vanilla Magic by Seia

Magic in vanilla Minecraft.

Vanilla Magic Addon by Seia

Addon for VanillaMagic mod.

Vanilla Nether Metals by jriwanek", Knoxhack

Vanilla Nether Metals expands the vanilla ore generation to the Nether Dimension.

Vanilla Plus by Cricket, PZ77

We take the things from minecraft that don't get the love they deserve and make them a great aspect to your experience

random opensource

Vanilla Supplements by Sythiex

Adds emerald tools and armor, additional recipes for vanilla items, and alternative ways of acquiring several resources.

Vanilla Tech by APengu

Adds different handy items and blocks

Vanilla Tools & Armor

Tools and armor for vanilla resources.

Vanilla Tools...? by Sven Lechner (SirWindfield)

This mod makes all vanilla tools useless!