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Valkyrie Compat by ValkyrieofNight

Valkyrie Lib by ValkyrieofNight

Valkyrien Warfare by thebest108

Claim The Skies!

Valkyrien Warfare Control by thebest108

Adds a set of Items and Blocks allowing for more advanced Airship construction

Valkyrien Warfare Drivers by Djeezuss

An addon mod to Valkyrien Warfare and OpenComputers.

Valtiel�s Clotes Mod by Valtiel

vestimenta con proteccion

Valtiel�s Clothes Armor Mod by Valtiel

Armaduras para Gamer Girls

Valtiel�s Emotes Mod by Valtiel

mod de movimientos

Valued Decor

Decoration blocks and interesting new world gen

Vampire Mod by Spectre0987

Vampire Money: Custom Mod by Lumaceon, Strikingwolf, trajing

A mod custom made for Vampire Money, that does things like add potion effects


Adds vampirism feature


Adds integration for Vampirism with several other mods

Vampyre by Aycy