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Incorporeal by quaternary

Botania addon. More tools for large-scale corporea systems.

IncreaseMobs by kegare

Mobs can be increased.

Incredible Craftsmanship by touro games, MCreator

Enter short description here

Incredibles Mod by Endernoobs314owen

Get Amazing Powers From The Incredibles

IndBuildCraft addon by kaziu687

Modyfikacja przeznaczona do gry na serwerze

Independent Pets by eliz37nb

Prevents cats, wolves, and parrots from teleporting to you.


Mod adds an indestructible pickaxe.

Indicatia by SteveKunG

Simple in-game info and utility!

Induction Charger by Shadowfacts

A Tesla/RF item charger.

Inductive Logistics by CD4017BE

Advanced transport, sorting & storage for items & fluids

Induo Hammers by Vaileasys, Turin464

Standalone mod for Induo Hammers

Industia by SixD, EndFrost, Tvhgaming

A minecraft mod.

Industrial Farming by Luigi Wollknäuel

Industrial Farming adds four new blocks being able to industrialize every aspect of farming in Minecraft.

Industrial Foregoing by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.