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Immersive Magic by TheCrazyGrape, Sandvoxel

Adds fast-paced, affinity-based magic to your Minecraft experience.

Immersive Petroleum by Flaxbeard

Adds oil and oil processing features to Immersive Engineering.

Immersive Tech Ore Dictionary by LizNet

Adds Immersive Tech salt to oreDictionary

ImmersiveFood by hedgehogpie12

A mod that adds some food that doesn't seem out of place

Immibis Core by immibis

This is like CodeChicken Core, Buildcraft Core, RedPower Core, and so on - it provides requirements for other mods.


Immibis Core

Required for some other mods to load.

Immibis's Macroblocks

Adds some procedurally-generated brick types

Immortal Object Tip by danny50610

Show "Immortal Object" Tip

Immortal Obsidian by DAEXDO 3240, Sirito6K66

Impart by The_Icy_One

Impart your will upon the world.

Improbable Plot Machine by Arekkuusu

Eons ago, a highly advanced civilization once ruled this land, their deep understanding of everything led them to create technology so unthinkable, even today it would be considered magic. So much time has passed, and the remainings of their creations are long gone, but their knowledge, written in stone, will last for ever...

Improvable Skills by APengu, EndieDargon

Boost player's abilities using single book and your XP