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InventoryCalculator by LimpLungs

Provides an ingame calculator to craft or use (config setting)


Easily destroy the items in your inventory with this handy mod!

InventoryLock by Dries007, DoubleDoorDevelopment

A server side only Chest locking system

InventoryMove by Nucha

You can move while open inventory

Inverse Blocks by Zetko

A mod that adds many random things.

Inverse Creepers

Adds new type of creepers to minecraft. Inverse Creepers are purple, and only spawn in forest biomes. they do not attack players, but run away from them. They attack ocelots and cats instead. when Inverse Creeper explodes, the explosion will not destroy blocks - but create blocks! There is a small chance those blocks will be ores. В§eWARNING: if the gamerule mobGriefing is off, inverse explosion will still create blocks, but wont replace existing ones. so basically, it wont ruin buildings, only "fill" them

Inverse Ore Generator by ChampionAsh5357

This makes regular Minecraft ores not only spawn in the ground, but also in the air.

InviBlock by andrenoel

Super simple invisible block for mc1.7.10 (mc1.8 has its own)

Invincible Hamster

Adds Hamsters to the game. Once tamed, they become invincible, and live out their infinite wrath against iron bars.

Invisi Zones by elix_x

InvisiBlocks by Everbrave Game Studios

Create invisible blocks for all your decorating needs.


Adds invisible lights to the game, whilst not wasting your space!

Invisibility Armor Mod by Gracu

Invisibility Armor Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4


A simple mod that adds different types of invisible blocks.