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Intermediary by FyberOptic

Bridges 1.2.5 mods to run on 1.7.10. Or tries to!


The whole internet! All in one mod :)

Interstellar Ores by Zerren

Ores for every Galacticraft stone type for use with CoFHCore generation

InvKeeper Mod

I'm keeping your inventory in a little box after you die.

InvView by StrangeOne101

Allows you to view some items of other players in better detail.


Machines in Inventory!

InvadedLands Exploit by blowsy

bunch of useful stuff for invaded

Invention by War Monger, Deltric

Content creation system made by users

Inventory Centerer by AnthonySan95

Never liked having the inventory shifted on the right by some effects? This is the mod for you.

Inventory Coal Generator by kjmaster1

Generate RF from coal in your inventory and use it to charge items.

Inventory Control Keys by Lothrazar

Key bindings to move your hotbar up and down in your inventory, as well as individual columns.

Inventory Crafting by Lothrazar


Inventory Filter by titanknox

Filter your inventory to only allow specific items in adventure mode

Inventory Generators by kjmaster1

Most of the extra utilities 2 generators in your inventory!

Inventory Interactor by Java_Power

this mod add block to import & export items in inventory player