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Immortal Obsidian by DAEXDO 3240, Sirito6K66

Impart by The_Icy_One

Impart your will upon the world.

Improbable Plot Machine by Arekkuusu

Eons ago, a highly advanced civilization once ruled this land, their deep understanding of everything led them to create technology so unthinkable, even today it would be considered magic. So much time has passed, and the remainings of their creations are long gone, but their knowledge, written in stone, will last for ever...

Improvable Skills by APengu, EndieDargon

Boost player's abilities using single book and your XP

Improved Backpacks by DreenDex, _Socol_

Adds backpacks to your Minecraft world.

Improved Commands by Filloax

Adds various commands.

Improved Crops by Hyago Santer

A little mod that change your crops!

Improved Extraction by _Socol_, DreenDex

Mod for fixing vanilla mining.

Improved Tools by xXEpicAleXx aka AKAlex

Adds improved Tools.

Improved Villagers by OrangeVillager61

This mod improves villagers.


Cheers for the mod creator!


moar diamondz




This is based in FNaF1, 2, 3, 4 & SL.

ImprovedHoes by Furgl

Improved Hoes makes farming with hoes much quicker and easier. Each type of hoe has a specific range of blocks that it can work with. Within this range, the hoe can till land, harvest crops, or harvest and replant crops. Shifting while using the hoe will operate the hoe normally.


Better than the last!