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Item Delocalizer by BRE

Make item names unlocalized in any locale.

Item Editor GUI by Franckyi

Edit item's enchants, display name/lore and more !

Item Filters by LatvianModder

Item Got by Naxanria

Shows a log of items gotten.

Item Icon by Code and textures:Rhino,Public realise and updates:AndrewGreat

Item Scroller by masa

Move items in inventory GUIs by scrolling the mouse wheel over slots with items in them

Item Stages by Darkhax

Allows custom progression for items and blocks.

Item Tooltips by TheAndrey

Добавляет Material в подсказки предметов.

Item Transform Helper by TGG

Interactively change the position, scale, and rotation of an item

Item Zoom by mezz

Shows a big version of the item you hover over.

Item stacks by pixelmagic

this mod lets you set a items stack size using a config file


ItemBlacklist per dimension.