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Ive been working on Monsters...


Adds Strong Tools & Armours


The most powerful ore in minecraft!

Influence by ExampleDude

Mod Api.

Info Accessories by Darkhax

Trinkets to help you better understand your world.

InfoMod by Outi


InfoToolTip by UniversalLP

Shift shows the tooltip of the held item while in a gui. Control shows the tooltip of the equipped item outside a gui. Alt shows the tooltip of the item you're looking at.

InfraRedstone by b0undarybreaker, Falkreon

A better analog redstone replacement!

Inftech Mod by InfecteD

Includes some customization This mod was loaded by The JavaScript MOD Loader

Infused Creatures

Applications of Thaumaturgy to living creatures

Infused Weaponry by Luisito

Op Tools.

Infusion Craft by Squirtle8459

Adds Random Tools & Armor!

Ingame Account Switcher by Elvm

Allows you to switch between accounts.

Ingame Server Switcher by canelex

Allows you to connect to another server directly from the current server.