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Iron Bars Block by Asatsuki

Adds Iron Bars Block and Others.

Iron Chest by cpw

New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items. The feature chest is the crystal chest, which is transparent - some inventory contents are visible without opening the chest


Iron Chest Minecarts by ganymedes01

Minecarts for all the chests added by Iron Chests!

Iron Dimension by bgwoo (Code and Textures), 7ggw88 (Textures)

3 new dimensions to explore! Iron, Gold and Diamond. New Dimensions, Blocks, Items, Mobs, Tools, Armor and More! Craft a portal lighter, build a portal and light the portal. Time for a journey!

Iron Furnaces by XenoMustache

A mod based off cpw's Iron Chests mod. This mod adds tiers to the already exiting block known as the furnace, with different burn speeds.

Iron Jetpacks by BlakeBr0

A fully customizable Forge Energy (FE) based standalone jetpacks mod.

Iron Man Mod

The Iron Man Mod!

Iron Pressure Plate

The Iron Pressure Plate mod is a mod the adds two pressure plates into the game, A Iron Pressure Plate which only triggers on players and an Advanced Iron Pressure Plate which you can configure yourself. License for usage is included in the jar file

Iron Tanks by Indemnity83

Expanding Buildcraft tanks similarly to the way Iron Chests expanded vanilla chests.


First 1.10 version

IronChainMod by defeatedcrow

IronMan Unlimited:Remastered by IronManArmorDood

For all your IronMan Needs, The Ironman Unlimited Mods


Be IronMan (beta)


I AM IRONMAN!!!! Nuff said...


This mod add recipe