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利刃出鞘 by 2403

Unstable Matter by Yvesmiguel

Adds matter related items in the most unrealistic way possible.

UntitledMod by immibis

Modjam 4 entry from immibis

Unturned MOD by spuash918

このMODはUnturnedの要素を追加するMODです。 また、二次配布は禁止です

Unwritten Blocks by UnwrittenFun

A collection of blocks made by unwrittenfun

Up And Down And All Around by Mysteryem

Mod that lets you change the direction of your gravity

Up-Sizer by The_Wabbit

Lets you increase the max stack sizes of Minecraft items.

UpToDate by Strikingwolf, trajing, PhoenixTeam

Checks for updates

Update Checker by Tminor1

Will check for an update for Fun Craft Mod Pack 2.

Updated Blocks by Russia9

This mod adds blocks from new versions, for example concrete, andesite or granite.


Easy to use update checking for Sponge plugins.


A mod that allows Vanilla Minecraft Swords to be upgraded into stronger swords.


Adiciona Novas Swords

Upgraded Pickaxe by Hawaii_Beach, NicosaurusRex99

Upgraded Tools Mod by vincentmet, AgentCPU0, skunkdonkey

New Sticks And Tools.