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Utilities by RossRKK

A bunch of odd stuff

Utilities³ by bk1325

Utilities³ is an open source mod currently in very early stages. Right now it only contains a few goodies but with many more to come


A mod that adds stuff.

Utility Base Ores by jriwanek", Knoxhack

Utility Base Ores

Utility Chest by Watkins577

This mod adds new chests, with added functionality

Utility Mobs by FatherToast

Got a mod that makes monsters attack your base? Ever feel a bit spread thin trying to defend all 360 degrees, one degree at a time? Wish your crafting table could walk? Here's the solution: Utility Mobs!

Utility Worlds by Zarkov

Adds player created mining and void dimensions.


Adds extra things to the game.

UtilityCraft by CG777, MCreator

This mod adds power and telephone lines

Utils Plus by TheJulianJES

UtilsPlus Mod by TheJulianJES

Utopia by VitroStatic

Now with full range of Fractured Ore!

Utopia Capes by Cricket

Capes for Utopia.


Dieser Mod beinhaltet die Uniformen vom German-RolePlayMC Server