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Unchantment Table by Teotw

Retrieve encnantments from items. Built: 11/12/13 09:43 PM

Uncharted by Epidra

Your favourite Biome Panel

Uncle Jeff's Nethergem Mod by Jeffry Fisher

An apex gem for the nether: As hard as diamond but as enchantable as gold.

Uncle Jeff's Paintings Mod by Jeffry Fisher

16 whole sets of paintings separated by metadata

Uncle Jeff's Pressure Plates Mod by Jeffry Fisher

For each class of mob, a pressure-plate that discriminates among mobs in class

Uncle Jeff's Sensors by Jeffry R Fisher

A moon-phase sensor and a weather sensor

Uncle Jeff's Walls Mod by Jeffry Fisher

A new metadata-variant set of rock walls

Uncle Tomo's Minecraft Mod by Ablaze, Xornop, other friends

Bringing Uncle Tomo to your Minecraft world!




This mod just adds the old version of the new IC2 recipes.

Uncrafter by Jannis234

Did you craft something and you don't need it anymore? Use this mod and get your resoures back!

Uncrafting Mod by Ms_Raven

A simple mod that lets you convert items into the materials used to craft them.