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UUIDFilter by Tollainmear

UUIDFilter will kick the player if display name in case mismatched

UUIDOffline by TehSomeLuigi

Workaround for the UUID system for offline servers

UberMiner by Harystolho

A mod that lets you mine only ores.


This is basicially Ubercraft 2 in v1.7.2!

Udaldor's Decor

Decoration by specification.

Ugandan Adventures by superdextor

Welp, someone had todo it

Ugandan Knuckles by Sk1er, Prplz

Do u know da wae

Uk Mod Pack by uk_rules_ok

Uk Mod Pack Description.


Ulti's mod, random things created in my tired mind

UltimaRPG by Turk23, MCreator

An all new RPG experience!


This is an example mod

Ultimate Doctor Who Mod by KingKirushanth also known as TheKiwiKingdom, DjMistry also known as TheMysteriousBanana

Adds in Doctor Who stuff but then it branches out to different stuff...Some sciency stuff

Ultimate FOOD by YoYo, MCreator

food mod