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Usable Magma Block by Kyrdenth, MCreator

A Use For Magma Blcoks

Usable Magma Block Weaker by Johnskullmaster, MCreator

Enter short description here

UsagiShield by ペコリン


Useful Additions by Heller a.k.a PikaMoo

A simple mod that makes certain processes more convenient and allows compact storage of items

Useful Carrots Mod by Jimbopanda12

This mod adds in over 80 new carrots, tools and a armor sets. More items coming soon

Useful Coals by Xin_shang

This Mod can make coal more useful

Useful Commands by karelmikie3

A bunch of useful commands.

Useful Effect Tools


Useful Eggs by Jbonnick

Add more functions for eggs including Omelettes, Fish Omelettes and Meat Omelettes.

Useful Features by oDD1

Различные полезности и не только

Useful Glasses by _Socol_

Be on style, be armed.

Useful Ingame GUI by RGCV

Modifies the pause menu, adding it some existing features, making them available at the tip of your fingers, as well as adding some new cool features

Useful Interior by ostpol

Another Furniture Mod

Useful Items by Inhumanex

A mod with useful items, Duuuh!

Useful Ls by GentleGravel

Useful #Hypixelthings.