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Uphill Step Assist by Bottersnike

Adds uphill step assist. Make sure to turn OFF Auto-Jump in controls.

Uplink by DotDash

Adds Discord Rich Presence to Minecraft!

Uplytra by GiantNuker

Press Jump and Sneak to go faser and slower with your elytra!

Upside Down by UpcraftLP

Upside Down Custom Client


Des minerais

UraniuCraft'm by TheeAnonymousOne

You can craft a bunch of stuff with uranium. This mod is in beta release so just expect a few bugs.

Uranium by carl4020, MCreator


Uranium Big Reactor by joserobjr

Adds IC2 support to Extreme Reactors.

Uranium Mod by JMBatman

Adds in various uranium items, armoor and tools!

Uranium Reenriched mod by CsokiCraft

Continuation of the old Uranium mod



Usable Magma Block by Kyrdenth, MCreator

A Use For Magma Blcoks

Usable Magma Block Weaker by Johnskullmaster, MCreator

Enter short description here

UsagiShield by ペコリン


Useful Additions by Heller a.k.a PikaMoo

A simple mod that makes certain processes more convenient and allows compact storage of items