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Underp Hangables by masa

Fixes the derpyness of the dropped items from Paintings and Item Frames when they are broken.



Underwater Chest Bubbles by Squirtle8459

Upon opening chests underwater.. creates bubbles..

Underwater Rails by Hennamann

Made for Modjam 5 adds 2 new rail types and tools intended for use underwater.

Underwater Utilities by Shadowfacts

Helpful utilities for working underwater.

Undestructible by The_Icy_One

Make your structures undestructible.

Unfathomed Depths Mod by Josh029

Ancient Technology of Mysterious Depth.

Ungrab Mouse Mod by Jaideep Singh Heer

This is a simple mod to allow players to ungrab the mouse to do other things on their PCs while the game runs.

Ungui by Mrkol

Declaring a war on GUI screens! This was made as part of MODJAM3. If you are reading this in 2014, then I probably got into top 10. Otherwise I would totally be all sad and stop modding for a couple more months :(

UniDict by WanionCane

a mod about unifying all the things.

UniQ by domi1819

OreDict unifier

Unicode Font Extension by BRE

This mod allow you to read very small unicode fonts.

UnicodeFontFixer by oldjunyi

UnicornMod by SquidBananas

This is a Mod that adds Unicorns and a new Biom!!!

Unidye by LinusPhoenix

Makes Wool Dying and Dye obtaining much more convenient. Needs IC2.

Unified Items

Adds items and blocks like copper and tin so that we can have a more 'unified' playing experience