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Unified Items by chazwarp923

Adds items and blocks like copper and tin so that we can have a more 'unified' playing experience

Unified Mode for In-game Account Switcher by The_Fireplace

The Unified Mode addon for In-Game Account Switcher

Unifier by grundyboy34

Item Unifier based on AutoUnify

Unify by Geoffrey McRae

Unifies Mod Item Types

Unikitty Mod by Pauls Mods

Adds Unikittys which can be tamed as pets & a very OP armor.


UnimCraft adds new Items and Blocks!

Unique Crops by bafomdad

Unique crops, unique growth, unique drops

Unique Ores

A mod that adds unique ores, items, and machines


Adds New Food Items

Unity by RandomByte

Universal Currency by mariofish

Adds a physical form of currency into Minecraft!

Universal Electricity by Calclavia, DarkCow, tgame14, Maxwolf, Alex_Hawks

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