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Ulti's mod, random things created in my tired mind

Counter Guns by Intektor

A mod about guns from CS:GO

Advanced Reactors by ProgrammerHero

Taking IC2 nuclear reactors to a new level of complexity and power

SpecialChest by important__

Molecular Gems by MoreThanHidden(John816)

A mod where magical energy meets mechanical use.

Silicon Mod by dlevack

A mod to add silicon to minecraft.

Adventure Dimensions by Lightwave

Per-Dimension Gamemodes

Quick Spawns by its_meow

This mod adds a quick and easy way to set spawns with /setspawn and /spawn


This mod add Flarel and his minions. Do you will be able to fight with them?

QETools by TROU

Quantum entangled Tools

Ore Stone Variants by ExampleDude

Creates new stone variants for existing ore types; highly configurable; allows creation of new ores and ore variants.

Soaring Villages by STGromov

Now in the world you can find Soaring Villages

Obsidian Utilities by JGSBroadcast

A mod that adds in Obsidian Tools and Armor

Traverse by Prospector, InsomniaKitten

Adds some neat biomes and stuff (kitten make a better description please)


This is Ore Dimansions Added Mod

HUD Toggler by Le Duy Quang

A mod that toggles things in the HUD. Simply like that.


흑흑에이지 전용 HUD 모드입니다

Thaumcraft by Azanor

Adding a touch of magic to Minecraft


mod_FinalToolsMod by Antolo105, MCreator

Arcane Winds

Magic items and stuff.

Composer by windy, sarhatabaot

Note block music importer and player.

Lava Dynamics by kreezxil

Adding Vulcanism to Minecraft thru Block Update Detection (BUD)

Altered Damage by Rick South

A minimalistic configurable mod that alters damage taken with a modifier by players and other entities.

BuildApi by Forge-1.7.10-

API for coder

Potion Effect Info by 3DPinball, Sliver

Potion Effect Info

Dispensable Block Mod

Your Dispenser is updated to BlockDispenser!

More Enchantments by Lithial

Adds new Enchantments to the Game


This is the monay

DPS Counter by thamid

Counts your DPS!

Alex's Tim Tam Mod by tophe, MCreator

UNSC Armory (G3ckobot) by G3ckobot aka GeckoBoyJ1

Go to war with the best of the UNSC's weaponry!

DynamicLib by awesommist

Common library for all 'Dynamics' mods.



Containment Cell by Pookie2020, Space_Cheetah

Adds a storage cell, that can hold any block.