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The Bedrock Challenge by Midnightas

A mod for the Bedrock Challenge made by LeDirt

Albedo Torches by Tamaized

Uses Albedo's lighting system for colored torches

Unborked by SquidDev

Makes ComputerCraft 1.80pr0 less buggy for 1.10.2

VirtualChest by ustc_zzzz

A sponge plugin providing virtual chest GUIs for menus.

LoadsOfOreAndOPSwords by BashedBandicoot, MCreator

BovineCraft by Usuario, MCreator

§aDiscord Rich Presence by §cMrAnthonyPvP_G

§8Créer par §cMrAnthonyPvP_G §8interdit a la modification et à  l'utilisation non autoriser. §cSous Copyright

Furnace Minecart Inventory Mod by _Bedrock_Miner_

Working Time: about 5 hours Supported Languages: de_DE, en_US

States by FEX___96

The States Mod

PeripheralsPlusOne by austinv11, rolandoislas

A psuedo-port of MiscPeripherals

ZZZZZ Custom Configs by ganymedes01

Allows for changing several aspects of the game. Create recipes, remove recipes, prevent spawns and several other things

Hobo's Dyeable Chickens by hoborific

Dyeable Chickens for your pleasure.

killerbossmod by chtor


This is an example mod

ʳ�﹤�� by ����, MCreator

Quicksand Mod by BinaryWolf

This mod adds quicksand to Minecraft in jungles, swamps, beaches, and deserts. In case you get stuck, it also adds a grappling hook to pull you to new heights!

Ztones by riciJak


disc by AubeM, MCreator


Adds in faster vehicles!

Head RTS by AnimePotatoTiger

Turns headcrumbs into units who will fight alongside their doppelganger. Units can be given bows, armors, weapon, Totems of Undying, etc. Requires headcrumbs

Auto Connect Mod by DrasticLp

You can auto connect to your server by the MULTIPLAYER button

Just Enough Petroleum by BordListian

-and petroleum accessories

Thaumcraft Jar Checker by qq564855769


Galade by Mr_Fak, MCreator

SK Utilities by squirrel_killer

A utility mod created for my modpacks

InfinityCosmos by MR-SED

Infinty Power.


It is a revollution of craftings(Mod has create of 1 brazilian = english is bad)