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NEI Recipe Handlers by Crafted_Mods (a.k.a. The_Ranger_Malvegil or just Malvegil)

This Mod adds an extended recipe handler API for NEI

Basic Nether Ores by cScot

Adds basic vanilla ores to the nether to include copper and tin.

SendToSpawn by Bebabo10

Sends player to spawn when they log in

Useful Potion Arrows by theishiopian

This mod removes the damage of potion arrows, making them more useful. Only applies to potion arrows fired by players or dispensers.

Eyes in the Darkness by gigaherz

Those eyes you think you saw when walking through the forest at night. No, you did not imagine them.

fortnite mod 2.0 by Jasper, MCreator

Enter short description here

FNS by ytshr, MCreator

ZMonsters by Avery Standley, MCreator

Peaceful Mobs by GongGong

All mobs are now peaceful.

Padded Enderman Mod by thema, MCreator

mod_nethertaniam by jack shaw, MCreator

the second version of nethertaniam

Login Shield by Glasspelican

protects users from taking damage between when they login and they can start interacting with the world

Skeleton by Baijson

Baij's library, used as both a library for his mods and modpacks.

NJay's Unicorn Mod by NJay15

This mod adds unicorn mobs and some unicorn-related items into Minecraft.

Thaumic Alchemy by Codasylph

An addon for Thaumcraft that expands and explores Alchemy

Dynamic Trees Extra Compatibility by Max Hyper

Adds compatibilities between dynamic trees and Twilight Forest

MagicDucky7 by MagicClucky7, MCreator

a mob


Still in development but you can still use ie

Castle Dungeons by Pufferfish

Procedurally generated castles

TF2 Stuff Mod by rafradek

Characters, weapons

StrifeMod by Tomochie



The Blue Screen Mod

On-Hit Particles by Aycy

Particles when attacking entities.


This is an example mod

Nanotech Server Addon

An addon for the nanotech server.

Adam's Mod by Annihilator967, MCreator


This is an example mod

CustomClient 2 by ExampleDude


Green Screens by shinomora, MCreator