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Hungry Animals by Oort Cloud

More Realistic Animals.This mod changes vanila animals' AI and feeding activity. Now they would die when hungry, eat fallen foods!

YoutuberBasedBiomes by jstut, MCreator

DCsCustomSpawnMod by defeatedcrow

Game Console Mod by YAG-YT, MCreator

Adds cosmetic game consoles into mc 1.12.2, 1.14.4 & 1.15.2


Ores for MAK's modpack.

Laser Creeper Robot Dino Riders From Space by MonkeyBoy23 and xXCaptainSoilXx.

Because they are awesome!

Decraft Horse Armor by Matthew Negus

Lets you decraft horse armor into its base components

DeathNote Mod by Entonez

This Is The First Ever Deathnote Mod!

NoLag by jackyliao123, lolzballs

Zyczu Unown Balls by zyczu

PokeBalle do kasyna

More Armors and Ores by MattyTomas

UnlimitedChat by TheCrafter4000

Removes character limitaion in chat!


This Mod adds 3 Soft Drinks into the game inculding a machine!

Tymgus45's More Food by Tymgus 45, MCreator

Still W.I.P.


It is a revollution of craftings(Mod has create of 1 brazilian = english is bad)

Witchcraft by Sunconure11/Spinosaurus111/NotLegalTender, ArekkuusuJerii, Ingoleth, KingEdward9830, Thermawrench, Felinoel, BigHatMagnus, Hman745, BerciTheBeast, Triliton, mljola9, Witch_Cat, DivineAspect, EyrionOfTime, TrollWorkout, Abused_Master

A Witchery inspired mod

Simple Magnets by SuperMartijn642

Simple Magnets adds Magnets that pickup items around the player!

The Cactus Mod by Mrbysco

A ModJam 2018.1 mod.

MobAmputation by iChun

Tools will have a random chance of amputating limbs of mobs. Swords and axes being the highest, followed by pickaxes, arrows and fishing hooks, and finally spades.


This is an example mod



More Armor & Tools Mod by Ecnanos (formerly RedRaptor5), MCreator

A mod adding extra armor & tools into the game!

ChestFinder by thehen101

A simple chestfinder for forge. GREEN = NORMAL CHEST, RED = TRAPPED CHEST and BLUE = ENDER CHEST


This mod contains totems

Spoon Mod by Player In Distress

Adding spoons to Minecraft!

Lucky Cases by Intektor

Open cases an get items

Tinkers' Leveling by Mrthomas20121

Upgrade your tools!

Gui Text Color by ReClutch

TriviaQuest by Simon_Flash

In-Game Trivia Questions


§6§lThis Mod is a Add-On for the Spongebob Mod, it will add many new Mob's and Item's to your game. §b§lCheck out my YouTube Channel: ImHaxoTV


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