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This is an example mod

Asian's Craft by Nookerzaza

Adden More Biome in minecraft.

Tech Ores by ostpol

Standard Ores for every Tech mod

Vocaloid Mod by WORMSTweaker

Add your favorite Virtual Singer in your favorite blocky world! (Be careful, §bMiku§r has leeks) §rThe musics do not belong to me, and are not my creation. They may be Copyrighted to Yamaha Corp.


3 new types of coins

Despawning Eggs Hatch by Rick South

Allows chicken eggs on a hay block to hatch into a chick baby just before they despawn.

�������ɾ� by ��������


S0l Skyblock by S0lrike

S0l idk what

MoreWandCap by WangJiarun

More Wand Caps!

Spindle by EMX

Create pixel art directly from web images!

Storage Drawers KAPPA Addon by ung3froren

Additonal Storage Drawers for skate's CraftBlock modpack.

DecoMod by Iceclem

PolishedLib by ryoryo

This mod is library mod for my some mods.

Book and Sign Saver Mod by Walking_Library (Caleb)

Allows the player to saves signs and books to a json file

Nutricraft by TheBaloneyboy, TehLiquidToast

The Nutrigrain bar, a simple yet delicious any-time food. This mod adds many things relating to said bar, as an ode to it. (Nutrigrain® is a registered trademark of Kellogg NA Co)

mod_EllianDetector by EllianRahl

A mod displaying a minimap which enables you to detect any material within a given range (vertically or horizontally) configured in the menu using the V key by default. Using others keys (zoom, material switch, view switch), you can changed the information displayed in the minimap.


This is an example mod

Diamond Glass by Kreezxil, MCreator

Glass made with Diamond with the attributes of Obsidian

Inca Mod by Gungnir

A mod that adds items for the Millenaire Inca addon

lab by emikf, MCreator


This mod adds in many things from the universe of Doctor Who, including Regeneration, Time Travel, Planets, Sonic Screwdrivers, the TARDIS itself and Time Lords!

LTHC mod Y by LHTC, MCreator

A Super Mod

Armourer's Workshop by RiskyKen

Minecraft armour customization mod.

XianJianGeBasics by til,HTOD,空空


How Do I do This again? by Jaredlll08

Randomizes the main menu button locations.

Crazy Bombs

A lot of crazy bombs.

TFC-Tweaks by Dries007

Some small tweaks to the vanilla TerraFirmaCraft gameplay

NetherEx by LogicTechCorp and Eleazzaar

Beeriffic by Watschman

A Mod which adds a lot of Bees, intended for my Modpack.

SolarCraft by Funwayguy, Darkosto

Roam through the remains of the Minecraft world scattered thoughout the solarsystem

KingCraft by Kingpvz, MCreator

KingCraft - Everything you can imagine.

Cutting Edge by TTFTCUTS

A compilation of small mods in one place.

MIB by Drayshak

NEI inspired item browsing

The Elysium

A dimension mod for heroes!

The Hordes by ExampleDude