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Extended_Villages_LotsOMobs_addon by TheLarsinator

Extended Villages addon for LotsOMobs

Thaumic Slime Nerf by SpitefulFox

A mod to keep Thaumic Slimes from multiplying out of control.

Uncrafting Mod by Ms_Raven

A simple mod that lets you convert items into the materials used to craft them.

Better Loading Screen by AlexIIL

A better loading screen that shows you the status of minecraft's loading time

Colored Water by Cyphrags

Create colored water in 16.8 million colors with dozens of effects!


This mod add chocolate cake 8P


Move blocks from one place to another


This is a mod

Geochite Mod 1.2.0 (1.12.2) by Trollzy, MCreator

Explore the world of Geochite

Srpint by Ayou


Stack Mod by thenewpotato @

Resets every item/block's stack size to one!

Essential Craft 3 by Modbder

A huge magic-themed mod, made by DT team.

More Lanterns by StealthLava

This mod adds more craftable lanterns to Minecraft.

Placbo by Sk1er

This mod is not a placebo.


GemCraft 1.2.2

Zandorum Mod Crystal

As requested

§bIndustrial Technologies by '§bMCE§f', '§2CrazyGuy§f', '§6Tic§f'

More blocks, items, mobs, dimensions...

The Questing Mod by Notifly

A tool to make quest tracking easier. Displays the quests of the game/lobby you are currently in. Features: - Displays your quests for current or specified game - Displays another player's quests - Displays general Hypixel stats about the player API key needed to allow access to the Hypixel API.

More Village Biomes+ by MG001Maya

More types of villages for many biomes MOD for Forge.

Immersive Integration by UnwrittenFun

Adds ME wire connectors to use IE style wires with AE

MaidVillagerExpantion_01 by MMM



Thank you for you playing this mod!This mod is my firstmod! This mod add some coolthing,and some armor,some tools, add 1 food.

obsidianToolsAndArmor by ModWolf

World Builder

MekanismInduction by aidancbrady

Induction module of Mekanism.


Bon Mod

Vies Machines by Vies

Machines through the eyes of Vies!

Previous Name Grabber by Sexyandikit

Grabs old names of players.

DeathNote Mod by Entonez

This Is The First Ever Deathnote Mod!

Nick Hider by Sk1er

Faster Tools Mod by TheeAnonymousOne

This mod allows you to upgrade all vanilla tools' efficiency as tiers.

CJBModMoreInfo by otakux


Cruelars Triforcemod by Cruelar

Stuff out off The Legend of Zelda