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Sand Stone Wooden armors tools and

Super Mario Mod by Jimboom7, LulzCop, branquinho_l0j

It´s a me, Mario!

Modvormir by Laurenz, MCreator


This is an example mod

CrystallineMagic by tm1990

Crsytalline Magic is a crystal based magic mod.

Amnesia Lights by FLUFFY2

The mod adds dynamic and decorative light sources to the game!


Automaticly excavate a large area. Powered with IC2-EU energy, can mine area from 4x4 to 32x32 (are must be specified with Landmarks).

Extra Recipes by J3FF97

Adding the missing recipes to vanilla!

Op Ore Mod by jacky, MCreator

Advanced Unknowns by Fibonacci

Advanced Unknowns??

Seeds For Electroblob's Wizardry by TheTornadoTitan

Adds a seed that will produce a crop which yields magic crystals.

ChunkScanner by slavapmk

Plugin for RedISE WF

Craftomancy by CactusCoffee

Simply Magic Revival

Spelunker dimension by spacechase0

Cave dimension found via naturally spawning portals underground.


Adds way more stuff.

Alien Craft by Martijn, MCreator

PlateMail by e706, MCreator

Plate Mail!

mod_keg by jtull, MCreator

a keg of powder

Reactor Builder by SonarSonic

Builds NuclearCraft reactors

NoteBot by Victormeriqui

An automatic noteblock player

Debug Crosshair by titanknox

Example placeholder mod.

Yummy by KuzmaS

More realistic food.

Castle Defender by SmeagolWorms4, Redori, Vox Populi, Azurn

The Castle Defender


This is an example mod


A small mod that provides a safe resource world with portal

Halo Energy Swords Mod by Limphus

A simple mod that adds the energy sword from Halo.

Celsium by MidFag

Heat GUI and calendar


This is an example mod

More Lights by Redstoneguy129

A simple mod that adds new coloured lights.


هاك xD

Newerite by Fred_, MCreator

This mode adds new ore name newerite and more to Minecraft. Created in MCreator

MobSplice by ganymedes01

Manipulate genetic traits of mobs and create your own! Zombie sounding exploding squids? You got it!

Sams Mod

A mod created for the book Sams Teach Yourself Minecraft Mod Development in 24 Hours containing all of the basics of coding for Minecraft.

finalblade by fox


Hobo's Dyeable Chickens by hoborific

Dyeable Chickens for your pleasure.




Is The V2 of The Legends Mod Official

§aNew Craftables

§bThis mod adds new items and recipes to Minecraft.

Black Ops Zombies Perk Machines by Novarch

A mod that adds a Perk machine from CoD:Black Ops Zombies into Minecraft.