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Rain Control by Timotheteus

A mod that adds a block that toggles rain.

ExGregilo by Quantum64

GregTech addon for Ex Nihlo

Milk All The Mobs by Rick South

Allows sheep, llamas, pigs, donkeys, horses and mules to produce a bucket of milk.

Engineer's Toolbox

Engineer's Toolbox is a tech mod with a focus on customization. It's based around blocks called sockets which can have modules installed on their sides to serve various functions. Different modules can do everything from simple redstone logic, to generating energy

opensource tech

MC Paint by ichttt

A mod that lets you paint a bunch of blocks.


Give me an ohhhyah

Castle Defence by That Phunkeh Monkeh

Some custom items for the Castle Defence minigame

DMT by defkult


MR Mod by Thornbush42

Designed for use with Mystikal Revolution modpack, this mod adds Carbyne items and ores, as well as a few minecraft hot-fixes

Bakery by C_H_R_I_Z

A mod that extends bread crafting.

BrassKnuckles by loukl

a loukl mod


This Adds Lots Of Addons To Skyfacotry

Carnivora by allaryin

Eat more meat!

Ender Utilities by masa

Some random, hopefully fun, and possibly even useful utilities (Modjam 4)

opensource modjam teleport random tech

Hospital Mod - Pharmacy Pack by Leon90, MCreator

Pharmacy Addition

Humbling Bundle by Rick South

A minimalistic mod that doubles all entity loot.

NetherReactorCoreMod by Traincrafter111, MCreator

Forget about Nether


This is an example mod

Engineer's Decor by wile

Adds cosmetic blocks for the engineer's workshop, factory and home.

Explosives+ Lite by Pheenixm

Explosives+ returns in a condensed format!

Artisan Automation by codetaylor

An automation solution for Artisan Worktables.

Breakable Tables by Funwayguy, Darkosto

Crafting tables with limited uses

Colorful Slimes by Zeitheron

A mod inspired by Sethbling video on colored slime blocks.

the village by SUPERMAGDA, MCreator


Song, Light, and Colour Update

BetterVanilla by Agadar

Attempts to improve vanilla gameplay by changing existing mechanics and expanding upon existing content.

Some Like It Dry by SuperFluke

TFC Seasonal Events by Zero_ui9

Adds configurable seasonal mob events, based off Don't Starve


Extends ProjectRed Transportation to handle Forestry Bees better.

Zenotek by Zeno

From Stone Age to Redstone Utopia, In Style

HitBoxOverlay Mod by RANKTW

RANKTW's HitBoxOverlay Mod.

Simple Flax by coderbot16

Adds Flax, allowing the easy obtaining of large quantities of string.

Hungry Mechanics by Oort Cloud

More Realistic Animals.This mod changes vanila animals' AI and feeding activity. Now they would die when hungry, eat fallen foods!

Bityard by epolixa, daydrifter, SailorPupper

Imagined by the Bityard community


This mod adds some nice Traps to your Minecraft Game!


All the things you never thought you will ever need

AsdIntergaterMod by Asd1995sse

Asd1995sse mod, specially for World of MinmaX

EntityModeFarmer by skydark

port farmer mode from 1.8