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Metroid Cubed 4 by FirEmerald

Metroid Prime? In my Minecraft? It's more likely than you think.

OpenComputers by Sangar

This mod adds programmable, modular and persistent computers to the game


Loot Transmutation by KewaiiGamer

Transmute mob drops into other materials

ColoredStainedGlass by Mikoton, NurseAngel

LifeGame by kimchijmt

Omega Flow Blocks

Alpha Project

Oros's junk by Varfleim



JoinLastWorld by MORIMORI0317

The jlw mod

Artifacts by Draco18s

Adds randomly generated magic items to treasure loot generation.

Thick Font Fix by Red1206

Insta House

Adds plenty of structures that can be instantly spawned with a flick of a staff.

Bryte Mod by SuperGezellig

Superdikke Mod.

Great Swords AV by Andrey Vilange, MCreator

Many new swords! Check out my other projects, you might like it! Good game!

mod_SwordoftheUnderworld by Javimania111, MCreator

Espadas que provocaran el caos.


Countless Creepers adds a bunch of new creepers to vanilla Minecraft!

Wesley's RogueLike Dungeons by Wesley, MCreator

This mod is a remastered version of the original roguelike dungeons

mod_Azulejos by kirbycapo, MCreator

Azulejos en Minecraft

Max Potion ID Extender by ZaBi94

Lifts the potion id limit from 256 to 2B

StatBoostViewer by Nora

Displays dungeon item stat boosts in the Item Tooltip.

OresCreepers-1.12.2 by Kirzey, MCreator

Creepers now drop ores !

Greg's Blogging

Keep a blog or email diary from within the game.

BlueMap by Blue (TBlueF, Lukas Rieger)

A 3d-map of your Minecraft worlds view-able in your browser using three.js (WebGL)

InventoryTweaksAddon by Roke32, MCreator

An Addon to InventoryTweaks

Just Enough Items Addons by mezz

Mod addons for JEI.


-=Thank you for geting this mod=-

More Shears by Kashdeya

Adding shears for a lot of different metals.

Traffico by TheTrollguy

The Mod That Let's You Punch Wool Off Sheep by Lemons

The Mod That Let's You Punch Wool Off Sheep

Usefull Stone Variants by liviu, MCreator

nOresPlus by NoiKioN

Adds multiple more ores and items to your gaming experience.