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A mod that adds various items related to toast and tech.

TrashSlot by BlayTheNinth



Amagi Food by R_Liu

Amagi food in Minecraft

OP-Shovel Gurashi! by KabanFriends, MCreator

Adds an OP SHOVEL from a famous Japanese anime.

Dany Furniture by User, MCreator


An alternative to endermites, tiny little creeper demons!

CraftLoader by FirEmerald

Crafting recipe loader framework, for mods to add in their own recipe loaders. Also includes it's own crafting table recipe loader and furnace smelting loader.

Universal Bestiary by Lykrast

Gather infos on all mobs in your modded instance.

FlipTop by b0undarybreaker

Launch your enemies into the sky!

Esoterica Wands by queerty_

More helpful wands for builders!

FillBlankTNT by ecru


Armor Smelter

Lets you melt armor and tools back into ingots.

UrlClickFixer by Dogboy21

UrlClickFix aus Core in ein Extraplugin ausgelagert um Shadow-Relocation zu umgehen


More of ore, weapons, armors ...

Cable Flux by TehenoPengin, Zeitheron

Transporting energy in Solar Flux Reborn's style! This is also a library that allows simple pipe registration. Yep.

NUGOOD by Jason_Anaminus

Bringing common sense to iron nugets.

RecipeJSON by Petitsurume


Create a Creature! by Andrey Vilange, MCreator

Pixeldex by qwbarch

Rewards players based on their pokedex completion

AuctionHouse by Ve6om

Lix Mod by LeponigHD

Eine mod wo South Park the stick of truth waffen vorkommen:

Optimal Aim by Aycy

Displays the best location to attack your opponent.



Reimfood (Beta v 0.1) by Reimzon, MCreator



Bored Of The Minecraft Items Dont Worry Use This Mod To Get Ruby Minecraft 1.7.2 Updated Bug Fixed Planning For The Next Mod!

Skeleton Lamps by kopallfruits

Mod adds skeleton lamps and decorations

Block O' Heaven by Diavolo, WoH69, H_WoU

A parody mod of Avaritia with some JoJo References

Dispensable Block Mod

Your Dispenser is updated to BlockDispenser!

Shinobi Craft Mod by Izuka_

Items Mod by Izuka_

THE LICK by mosqu, MCreator

Simple SkyBlock Addon

This is one of the simplest addon to the SkyBlock map. Fully compatible with NEI. It only adds a possible way to craft any kind of block when You're playing on SkyBlock map. Try kill mobs and get needed drops. Ideas: MegaDominik

The Great Sun Rising by �����ͱ���, MCreator