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Campfire Mod by JSOne Studios

A small mod that adds Campfires to Minecraft!



MoonTools by Moonpaw, Kerocat

Some nice tools, drinks, recipes and flowers for MC 1.7.10

Graylist by StarTux

Example placeholder mod.

EnhancedShears by NurseAngel, kaida


Alternate Terrain Generation by TTFTCUTS

ATG provides an alternative to vanilla terrain generation.


MegaCorp by pkmnfrk

Have a lot of items laying around? Want to get into extensive automation for more than automation's sake? Using ProjectE and have more EMC than you know what to do with? Turn your extra items into liquid gold with your very own MegaCorp!

Bag Instrument by Kesar

Bag Instrument Mod.

The RC Mod Demo

The RC Mod is an advanced Remote Control vehicle addon for the game Minecraft.

Enderthing by gigaherz

Shared inventories with chests and keys


Dr. Dialgas Interesting Ites Mods Has The Most Interesting And Unexplainable Items Ever!


This is an example mod

Equivalent Exchange 3 by pahimar, x3n0ph0b3

Transmute stuff into other stuff! Become a Minecraft God!



Simply Sulfur

Chouzetu_Kawaii_Mikosan by fururin, NurseAngel


ReplayAddon by nessie

Somewhat useful addons for ReplayMod.

Underground Biomes by Exterminator Jeff, Grom PE

Adds underground biomes composed of layers of new rock types

Chat Dump by SHsuperCM

Dumps debug info from chat so you can extract chat links or json info, type in chat `chatdump` to dump the current chat cache.

Growthcraft Cellar by Gwafu

Growthcraft Cellar is a mod which adds a new in-game hobby: brewing alcoholic beverages.


Adds a new ore and some cool stuff to craft with it! Also adds a new mob. Still in development :D

Emeraux3 by Wedemeyer, MCreator

Enter short description here

backrooms by Person_Joke.

Aroma1997's Dimensional World

Adds a new dimension for the miners to mine!

Complex Logic by marcin212, Matrix89

PvPTime by Guichaguri

Lets you choose what in-game hours you want PvP enabled. Perhaps you want to give the players yet another reason to keep indoors during the night?

Mining Hats by Hkiller1

Hats that are useful for mining.

Simple FPS by Aycy

A standalone fps display.

CNBUtil by CNBKirk

A utility mod to help me with modding

Romaji Search by BRE

Enable romaji search on NEI/JEI. migemo-dict is required to use.

Survival Industry by jeffpengMC

The core mod of Survival Industry that adds relevant progression changes to the game

Mystical MFR Compat by BlakeBr0

Adds Mystical Agriculture/Agradditions support to MineFactory Reloaded.

Simple Chest Locker by lukas2005

Simple mod that allows you to lock your chests!


This is an example mod