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Yugioh Mod by Titoo8899, MCreator

Yugioh Mod

Erebus by Mod designed by Dylan4Ever

Discover a world ruled by insects, the Erebus is a place to explore, mine and build -Programmers: chylex, ganymedes01, vadis365 -Modelers: tripleheadedsheep, vadis365 -Sound designers: voog2 -Ex-devs: ProPercivalalb, Poiuytrezay, SMEZ, MoPlants, SuperRutabaga

The Elements Mod by SageZenol

This mod adds in The Elements of Harmony from the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


HuskyHelper for LemonCraft developers.

Combatica by Nano

Combatica is a combat oriented mod, with the idea of balancing both magic and arms combat.


This is an example mod

WizardAnimalsBeta1.0 by Gustavo, MCreator

Enter short description here


Long Lasting Fuel

Ages of Mystcraft by Veovis Muad'dib

Ages of Mystcraft is an addon to Mystcraft that will provide many different gameplay elements. It will comprise of several sub-mods: Ages, Journals, Storage, Symbols, and Tech. This release includes the Symbols sub-mod in a playable, stable state, with more content planned.

Demagnetize by comp500

Stops item magnets in an area around the Demagnetizer.


Adds missing vanilla minecraft stuff


This is an example mod


This is a mod but its just a unique and strange addon its extra drops for Lucky block Metal

PurpleDiamond by David Rosenberger

New Ore: Purple Diamond (A Strong way to get Tools and Armor!)

Survival Command Blocks by Classic_Tim

A simple mod which adds the ability to craft and use Command Blocks in survival mode. You still need to be OP and commands/command blocks need to be enabled.

Blockhead by Purplicious_Cow, cy4n

Blockhead allows you to place any item or block on your head.



Pam's Cookables by BloodWorkXGaming

Changes the recipes from Pam's Harvestcraft back to cooking

Yarr Cute Mob Models - Remake by yarrmateys

Replaces the vanilla mobs with designs used in MobTalker by AT2. Remake of the abandoned japanese mod, with all new stuff by me. Note, this is a different mod than the original. Send all questions and reports about this mod to its curseforge page, don't bother original CMM author with them.

Bio Technik by FTB_lag

Add new game function. RF Orbs.

Spectrite by Samuel Harbord

Adds a new and extremely rare mineral to world generation!

By The Gods by shinoow

Maybe trying to summon a Great Old One isn't a very good idea...

Expanded Industry by Draco18s

Adds a handful of broadly useful tools for basic industry.


This is an example mod

Enchant Icons

Custom renderer for enchanted book items.

Multi-Material-Items by KeeperofMee

A mod that allows you to combine materials in some items.

Despawning Spawners by Buuz135

Limiting the amount of spawns a spawner can do in it's lifetime.

gatemod by Ternsip

Teleport wallsign-button mod

Magical Crops by Mark719

Every get bored of mining all the time for resources? Want a new way of collecting them? Magical Crops gives you the ability to grow your own resources! Grow Diamonds, Coal, Emeralds or even Experience, Now go and create a vast farm for all your needs!

AutoJumpAutoOff by Bennyboy1695

As the mod name suggests this just simply turns off the AutoJump when a world is loaded or server is joined!

HyStars by ImranDoet


Better Furnace Enhanced by Zzyxz

Features of this mod: cooking times differ now! It can take up to 5 times longer to smelt/cook an item(for further information look at my mod page). Your furnace ran out of fuel? The progress of the item now stays! Recipes can now consume multiple items! Do you have a recipe which contains a water bucket? You get an empty bucket returned!