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penis by ichni, MCreator

Debris by OreCruncher

Puts some usable trash piles into the Minecraft world

Chocolate Sprinkle by Dev909

Put some chocolate sprinkles on your vanilla Minecraft! A small flexible mod that adds vanilla-esque recipes.

CLibrary by Coded

Coded's Lib mod

OAM-CosmeticsMod by Sigabiel

A mod which let you use the OAM Cosmetics for free.

silicium by Raphael, MCreator


This mod adds new building blocks to the game.

Super Ender Pearls

Ender pearl storage medium.

mod_MoonMod by blackopsIIbo2, MCreator


BendyCraftUpdate4 by NightmareByDesign, MCreator

The Mod Of The Game. Bendy And The Ink Machine by theMeatly. Support him on Gamejolt.

Door Break Fix by Rivvest

Fixes the bug where the broken animation of a door lingers around after the door is broken or the zombie has moved on

Metroid Cubed 4 by FirEmerald

Metroid Prime? In my Minecraft? It's more likely than you think.

BLSquadMod by Yario


Super Swords by GGCrosby, MCreator

Adds various weapons and items to minecraft.

RTN-element by SoraxDubbing

Stupid fourth wall by StarTheWolfMom, MCreator


Xycronium Crops by ExampleDude

Mod with xycroniumcrops

Solar Village by Darkhax

A solar panel mod for Minecraft and the Tesla API

Beam by UnwrittenFun

Transfer items between inventories using beams!

Ztech by Zuxelus

Collection of Outdated IC2 Addons

Tech Mobs by nuklearwurst

It's all about balance!

IngotsAplenty by 33kingkiller

Too... Many... INGOTS!

tradeasteroid by Jay, MCreator

This mod is made with MCreator mod maker. If you want to make a mod too, check their website

Ender Zoo

More Mobs

┬žeCustomized Dungeon Loot by ┬ž6XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This mod adds new vanilla dungeon loot with special abilities, like enchantments, custom names, attributes, effects and more to the game!


version: 1.3 for 1.7.10

Super Tech Tweaks by Oa10712

Tweaks and additions originally for the SuperTech Pack. Adds custom ore gen and materials.

AutoChat by Zv0

NBTPeripheral by MakerTim

NBTPeripheral, reads nbt as a peripheral.

MMAdventure by Shero, MCreator

Book Display by Astavie

Displays books while you're playing!