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Camo Lights

Adds recipes for blocks that glow, making lights easier to camouflage.

oldmdg by GOSLJ20, MCreator



Mod Debug World Type by Darkhax

Adds modids to debug mode.

TeamspeakBridge by Dogboy21

Anknüpfung des TSBots an die Minecraft-ServerAnknüpfung des TSBots an die Minecraft-Server


This is Tropicraft, the utopian idyllic getaway that you have been waiting for!

Progression Tweaks by Turkey2349

Mod to help tweak progression of Minecraft

Minecraft: Combat Evolved by GruntTheDivine, Vash0110, LEMODE

Minecraft: Combat Evolved provides the ultimate Halo experience for Minecraft. MCE adds loads of contents including weapons and armor.

Genarator by code: _Zixel_

Remove ocean biome

FluidTank by Kotori316

Add large fluid tanks.

Watermelon Mod by Wild_Jam, MCreator

New Food,Armor and tools!


Nso v3

Cloth Mod - FE-Gaming RPG by BichoBolaYT, FE-Gaming RPG, MCreator

Cloth for minecraft server FE-Gaming RPG

Disable Firework Rendering by Nirvana

This disables fireworks from being ticked and added to the queue, to stop chunkbans, minecraft gay so i couldn't just limit the amount, to renable fireworks, do /togglefireworks

RpMalaga by salce, MCreator

Pixel Legendary Mod by anxic

Manage the user who can catch the pokemon.

PixelChecker by MoeBoy76

Nature and Ability checker, just point and command

mod_TooManyFlowers by Poiuy2010_2011, MCreator

This mod adds a lot of new flowers to Minecraft!

Overchanter by Time_Conqueror

Break the enchant limits!


Minecraft Alpha/Beta compatible world generator

Glistre Mod by Glistre

A mod about all things that glistre: wolves, armor, new metals. Your greed can corrupt the world!

AneliaRP by OptimusZeGaming

Mod du serveur AneliaRP.

Mowing Scythes by John, MCreator

The Warp Mod

Travelling thru Minecraft will never be the same!

Nuclear Cubes by TehNut

Cubes of Nuclear Proportion

Rare Ice by shedaniel

Adds rare ice into the world. Can you find them?

Guild & Commerce by Caltinor

Protection & Trading platform for servers.

Hunger Strike

End the tyranny of hunger. Replaces hunger with a modified pre-hunger food system. Can be set on per-player basis.


The end is near...

Toma's Better Mob Spawner by Toma1O6

Absolutely must have mod for modded RPG worlds where you want to mark locations for special mobs to spawn. With this mod you can specify where each mob will spawn and how many will spawn. This mod is compatible with all mods as long as their entities are registered properly!

JinRyuu's Mods Core

A core for all of my mods, but it is not a 'core mod'! ;)

Recipe Search Buttons by TechLord22

Adds useful keybinds for finding recipes for what you're looking at!

Dynamic Trees for Natura by Max Hyper

Adds compatibilities between dynamic trees and Natura

TimeZone by ustc_zzzz

A mod providing time zone.

KAGIC: Quartz Expansion by ExampleDude

An inofficial KAGIC addon which adds more quartzes.

Unstable Tools by Tfarecmin

Port of Extra Utilities 1 tools with armor



Spatial Server Mod by Dj

This mod allows most modded TE's to work in the Spatial Storage from AE2